Kate Hudson Looks Amazing in a Backless Purple Dress on Miami Rooftop


Kate Hudson’s latest Instagram post has some wondering if a high-fashion brand partnership is in her future. Recently, the actress shared photos of herself dressed in Valentino from head to toe. The actress has loved Valentino for a long time.

Hudson’s Head-To-Toe Designer Look

The actress was wearing a Valentino backless minidress with purple Valentino buttons. The actress wore a purple Valentino backless minidress, a white blazer and matching purple handbag. It’s a bit of a change from the star’s typical posts; even though Hudson is a major celebrity, she usually posts family shots and workout videos. 

The balcony Hudson posed on is in Miami, where the actress is currently attending the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She’s promoting her King St. Vodka brand, which she launched in November of 2019. 

Why She’s In Miami

The brand launch didn’t come at the best time; COVID-19 struck just a few months later. “We had our launch party, then everything shut down,” Hudson spoke to the Miami Herald. “I was like, Whoa! It was a really scary time for everybody.”

“During the height of the pandemic, we were all really glued to the news and sticking to things we knew,”She went on. “Now it’s time for the food and beverage industry to restrategize, look forward, and get back to a bit of normal.”

The actress said that her drink brand was not important to her. “It’s super simple. My goal was to make it good quality and sippable vodka that could combine with anything.” Fans of Hudson’s vodka also love the beautiful bottles the beverage comes in, something that the actress designed purposefully. 

When developing the packaging for the alcohol, Hudson noted that there weren’t any vodka bottles she deemed aesthetically pleasing enough to show off on her home bar. 

“I had all the other stuff out, but used to hide my vodka bottles,”She laughed. The bottles are decorated with a pink and golden floral pattern. With a bottle design so eye-catching, it’s no wonder Hudson felt the need to dress accordingly!

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