Kate Hudson Posts Throwback Of Mom Goldie Hawn Holding Her As A Baby


Kate HudsonHer superstar mother is her true reflection. Goldie HawnIn more ways than one. She looks just like her mother with the same golden locks, mesmerizing smile, and great career in Hollywood. And on top of that, the two seem incredibly close, which you don’t always see in superstar families. Hudson recently took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her Hawn from way back when Hudson was still a baby, and it’s delightfully nostalgic.

Like Mother

Goldie Hawn is well-known for her work in such films as Overboard, Bird on a Wire AndDeath is Her.She is adored for her cheerful, sweet nature. She is a natural talent in any role she takes on. She has been steadily working in the industry ever since she was a TV host. Laugh-InFrom 1967, all the way back.

She married Kate’s father, Bill Hudson, on July 3rd, 1976, and she gave birth to Kate Hudson on April 19th, 1979. Hawn and Kurt Russell, her long-term partner, raised Kate. It was obvious to them that their daughter had the same gifts as her mother. They worked hard to nurture and support it. Fast forward to 40 years, and Kate Hudson is now a successful actress and mother. She has raised her children with the same support and love that she received as a kid.

Like Daughter

Hudson posted a photo on Instagram this week of her mom holding her as a baby and announced to the world:

Happy birthday to my mother! 🎂You are my mother!!

Family Ties

While you will see a lot more famous families than usual, there are times when those families can be filled with drama, gossip, and problems (the royals, anyone?). You can see Hawn & Hudson as two people who truly love one another and make each other shine, which is wonderful, especially in an era of chaos.

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