Kate Middleton, Allegedly Pregnant With Twins. Supposedly Due in September, Royal Rumors


Are you Kate MiddletonAnd Prince William Are they planning to increase their family? According to one tabloid, the Duchess is pregnant. Let’s check in on the royal family.

‘Baby Joy’For Prince William and Kate Middleton

The latest edition Life & Style According to reports, Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to share some exciting news. “There’s buzz among Kate’s inner circle that she’s four months pregnant—and expecting twins!”An insider’s guide to cooking. “She’s been going to secret doctor’s appointments and wearing jackets to hide a small bump. But if you look really closely, it’s there!”

The duchess hinted at her desire to have another child back in February during a visit to Denmark’s Copenhagen Children’s Museum. “William always worries about me meeting under-1-year-olds,” Middleton shared his story with a group parents. “I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.””

Even though he was only expecting one, the tipter says that William has been slowly but surely on board. “The twins bombshell threw William for a loop,”The snitch is a confident. “But once he had time to process the information, he was happy. Rumor has it that William has taken to calling them his ‘miracle babies!’”

But even more excited by the news is Queen Elizabeth, though she apparently can’t help but feel slighted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for keeping baby Lilibet away from her. “The queen was surprised and overjoyed when she heard Kate is expecting twins,”The source is the best. “She’ll hold these babies before she ever lays eyes on Lili in person.”

Royal Palace Overjoyed By Cambridge Twins?

While royal baby news is always exciting, we aren’t celebrating just yet. First of all, if Kate Middleton is already four months along, why would she say in late February that William worries she’ll want another baby? According to the tabloid’s timeline, Middleton would already be in the middle of her second trimester. So, unless she was trying to throw people off the scent, her comments just wouldn’t make much sense.

Furthermore, while looks aren’t always a great indicator of early pregnancy, we certainly aren’t seeing the “bump”The magazine insists that it is there. Middleton was certainly slimming down at the reception in March.

And finally, we just can’t bring ourselves to take this story seriously given the tabloid’s past reporting on this matter. Back in 2018, Life & StyleMiddleton was reportedly expecting twin girls. The magazine then claimed Middleton was due to give birth in May 2020. In March 2021, we discovered that Middleton was actually expecting a fourth baby. Obviously, Life & Style This narrative will be repeated, despite the lack of evidence.

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