Kate Middleton Allegedly Struggling With Rumors That She’s Too Thin, Royal Gossip Says


Is it? Kate Middleton struggling with the public’s response to her recent portraits? One tabloid reports that the duchess is being overwhelmed by online criticism. Here’s what we know.

Kate Middleton ‘Under Pressure’Do you want to lose weight?

This week OK! reports Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday was bittersweet. To mark the occasion, the Cambridges shared three portraits with the duchess. However, the photos received mixed reactions. Many thought the photos were spectacular, but others noted that Middleton was not. “too thin”I urged her to “just eat.”Even though the duchess wouldn’t admit to it, comments are coming her way.

“Kate is very active, but that hasn’t stopped people from accusing her of being unhealthy,”Insider source recipes “It’s offensive and it’s body-shaming, and she’s sick of it.” And all of the media attention hasn’t helped the duchess’ mental state. “She’s been the most-watched member of the royal family for years,”The tipster will explain. “Trying to be perfect all the time can be exhausting and nerve-wracking… especially when the criticism isn’t warranted.”

And this talk about her weight certainly isn’t new. “Kate has long been the subject of debate over her weight,”Source: “There’s speculation it recently dropped to a waif-like 95-pounds, but she’s telling friends those estimates are way off.”The harsh words have started to take their toll. “Kate usually brushes things like this off, but she’s starting to hit her breaking point,”The snitch whispers. “Her friends are saying she should stand up for herself. It’s time to put a stop to all of this weight-shaming nonsense — once and for all!”

Kate Middleton Tired of Body-Shaming

We might be more inclined to believe this tabloid’s story if it wasn’t OK! It was a subject for reporting. Kate Middleton is a subject that has had a turbulent past for the magazine. In September, the magazine reported that Middleton was planning on having another child. However, the tabloid suggested that she was nervous about suffering from severe morning sickness again, as she did during her previous pregnancies.

The outlet reported that the duchess was now pregnant with her fourth baby just a few months later. The outlet even reported that she was pregnant with her fourth child. “was experiencing nausea just weeks ago that appeared to cause her weight to drop somewhere around 96 pounds.”It appears that the “speculation” that Middleton’s weight had dropped as low as 95 pounds most likely came from the magazine’s own past reporting.

So, ironically, OK! is the one obsessing over Middleton’s weight. And given its many false predictions that Middleton was pregnant, we’re guessing it’s not the most reliable source when it comes to the duchess. While we agree that Middleton was subject to harsh and unfair body-shaming we don’t believe this outlet can offer any useful insights.

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