Kate Middleton is ’emerges in high ranking royalty’ and takes over as Queen at Cenotaph


According to a bodylanguage expert, Kate Middleton has assumed the Queen’s matriarchal’ role following yesterday’s Remembrance Day service.

The Duchess, of Cambridge, stood in the middle Camilla Duchess Cornwall and Sophie, Countess, of Wessex at the Cenotaph balcony on Sunday.

After Buckingham Palace disclosed that Her Majesty had injured her back, Buckingham Palace informed her that Her Majesty would not be able to attend the London engagement yesterday.

It was reported that she was “disappointed”She will be missed the memorial for her first appearance in 20 years after she was widely expected to appear in public since October’s illness.

Kate Middleton was stood between Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex at Sunday's ceremony
Kate Middleton was standing between Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall and Sophie the Countessof Wessex during Sunday’s ceremony

Judi James, a behaviour and body language expert, spoke out about Kate’s behavior at the ceremony. Express.co.uk:

“With the Queen sadly missing from the royal balcony this year there was a very intriguing and possibly significant re-shuffle of the royal wives, with Kate emerging looking very much like the highest-ranking woman in the group, not just by taking the central position between Camilla and Sophie but by her non-verbal signals as she stood in that spot”

“With Camilla next in line to the role of Queen [consort] it might have been expected for her to take that middle position between the two younger women.”

The Duchess is becoming an 'alpha female' in the royal family by standing in for the Queen, says Judi James
Judi James explains that the Duchess will be an “alpha female” in the royal family and will stand in for the Queen.

“Even if there’s no actual protocol the non-verbal message is rather emphatic and by standing to one side like this it gives the impression that Kate is very much the Queen’s stand-in at this event.

Ms James stated that Kate’s height was a factor in her decision to marry him. “natural look”of royal high status and her manner in which she turned to talk to Sophie and Camilla gave it the impression that she was the “female alpha”The group.

This does not seem to have caused tension with other women as Camilla observes Camilla to be calm. “satisfied”Her position in the group.

Camilla Tominey, Royal expert Camilla Tominey stated last week the Duchess Of Cambridge was becoming “the most powerful person in the royal family”Her popularity among the public and her potential future kings husband and son are reasons for her success