Kate Middleton is’snubbed by Jamaican beauty queen in frosty video.


Eagle-eyed Twitter users claim Kate Middleton was “snubbed”By Lisa Hanna, a Jamaican politician and beauty queen. A video shows an awkward moment between them.

On Tuesday, March 22, Prince William and Kate arrived in Jamaica as part of a tour that continues with the Royal Tour of the Caribbean.

This trip was seen as a desperate attempt to discourage Caribbean countries from electing the Queen head of state. It is similar to what happened in Barbados last November.

While Wills and Kate met with officials, protestors gathered in front of the British High Commission Kingston asking for reparations from the monarchy for slavery.

Awkward moment Kate Middleton 'snubbed' by Jamaican politician in frosty clip
Some Twitter users claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge was “snubbed” by them

The footage shows The Duke of Cambridge being warmly welcomed by Lisa, a Jamaican MP and former Miss World champion shortly after landing.

Twitter users were captivated by another clip that showed Lisa tilting her head at a laughing Kate. She then appears solemn and turns her back.

It is possible it was an innocent mistake. However, some viewers believe Lisa was giving Kate the gift. “cold shoulder”.

One person tweeted this: “Lisa Hanna snubs Kate Middleton in protest of reparations.

“Sorry Kate, but if William, Charlie of Lizzy, or Kate can’t apologize or talk about the money you owe, then don’t chat with me.”

A second commented: “Because of the embarrassment I just received, my heart must be weak.”

Kate with Jamaica's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kamina Johnson-Smith (left) and Lisa Hanna (right)
Kate (left) with Kamina Smith (left), and Lisa Hanna(right).

Someone else huffed: “I know you support removing Royal Family but this is no way to treat guests.

“How would you feel if invited to a party? [SIC]If someone gave you the cold shoulder, would you like it? Bad manners don’t exist!”

Lisa, who is MP for Saint Ann South East, posted images from the event herself in which she is smiling and described her time with Kate as “Pleasant”.

She tweeted: “As we discussed family, cultures, and people, it was a pleasant and interactive conversation.