Kate Middleton just brought back a forgotten fashion trend


Kate Middleton makes us all feel the need for tweed. She recently wore a Chanel jacket. Middleton looks dashing in the 1995 tweed jacket. This is a return to a fashion trend she almost forgot.

As she was heading to East London with Prince William, the princess was seen in the gorgeous royal blue jacket. The pair were in Queen Elizabeth Park, visiting Copper Box Arena to celebrate Coach Core’s 10th Anniversary.

In 2012, the couple and Princess Harry created the program as part of their Royal Foundation. The mentorship program provides young adults, ages 16–24, who live and work in underserved areas with sports and coaching apprenticeships.

Tweed fit for a Princess

As Middleton celebrated the program’s 10th anniversary, she looked brilliant in the royal blue, double-breasted boucle jacket that Chanel debuted in 1995. The tweed jacket featured CC logo-embossed buttons and contrasting trim, as well as turned-up cuffs.

Catherine, Princess Of Wales, is not new to Tweed. Tweed has been worn by the princess for many years. However, what’s new—or should we say old—about this look is that it’s vintage. Sporting retro pieces is something relatively new for the princess, and we can’t get enough of seeing her in vintage items.

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Middleton has worn vintage items dating back to 1930s. She wore three classic pieces in 48 hours during a Caribbean trip earlier this year. Those pieces included a vintage Yves Saint Laurent jacket she bought during her university days, a striped turquoise and coral dress from the ’50s, and a ’60s orange beaded handbag by Wayne Taylor. 

A nod to Princess Diana

The tweed jacket Middleton recently chose may also be a nod to a piece Princess Diana wore in the early ’90s. On a 1991 visit to Peterborough in England, Princess Diana wore a Chanel double-breasted jacket. Later that year, the late princess wore the exact same jacket to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and again in 1992.

However, if Middleton is wearing the piece in recognition of Princess Diana, it’s a peculiar choice. The late Princess Diana allegedly stopped wearing Chanel after she separated from Prince Charles, now King Charles II. The two Cs on this iconic brand remind the Princess of Wales and Camilla of Charles, his second wife Camilla. Camilla is now Queen Consort.

We hope that Middleton will wear more vintage pieces, regardless of why she chose the royal blue tweed jacket.

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