Kate Middleton & Prince William Cancel Caribbean Tour Stop


Change of plans

Prince WilliamHis wife Kate Milddleton have canceled a scheduled visit to a village in Belize after residents protested the royal trip.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in the country, formerly British Honduras, on Saturday, March 19, to kick off an eight-day royal Caribbean tour, and were due to visit Akte ‘il Ha cacao farm in the indigenous Maya village of Indian Creek on Sunday morning. However, the event was cancelled after protests by a few Indian Creek residents. Reuters reported.

“We can confirm that due to sensitive issues involving the community in Indian Creek, the visit has been moved to a different location,” Kensington Palace on Saturday, March 19. “Further details will be provided in due course.”

The villagers have been involved in a land dispute for years with Flora and Fauna International, a conservation group of William who is a patron. Reuters reported that protests are also being made amid growing scrutiny over the British Empire’s colonial ties in the region.

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