Kate Middleton Receives Flattering Style Tips From Carole


Fashion is a subject that most of us learn from our mothers. That’s certainly true for the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton channeled her mother Carole in some her most elegant fashion choices. The look that she favored is undeniably her inherited.

Kate Middleton Shines In Florals

Floral season may be over, but we’re still thinking about some of Kate Middleton’s best flower-filled looks. The Princess of Wales is no stranger to floral ensembles. However, there’s a certain style feature that she and her mother, Carole, both seem to favor. The floral button-down and wrap dress would be that style feature.

The classic button-down dress provides a sense of symmetry that’s effortlessly classy and professional, but also so charming and approachable. That’s likely why Middleton often favors them on charity-related outings. Similarly, wrap dresses bring a sense of fun and certainly provide a flattering cinch to the waist, but they’re also just as classy and modest.

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These classic pieces are a great alternative to floral dresses. They’re also extremely comfortable and flattering—not to mention they’re perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you’re dressing them up or down, we assure you that they’re a staple worth keeping in your closet.

Carole Middleton Keeps a Lot Of Florals in Her Closet

Carole Middleton has been seen out many times in floral button-down or wrap dresses. In 2011, she attended a tennis tournament wearing a white wrap dress with bright pink and purple floral accents.

It reminded us a lot of Kate’s bright, floral dress she wore to a community garden in 2020.

Carole also wore a gorgeous blue floral dress with button-down blouse to visit her daughter at the hospital after giving birth in 2013.

Kate Middleton wore blue florals in a similar fashion while visiting Queen Elizabeth on her birthday.

Carole wore a floral print in rich green to Wimbledon 2015. A flattering collar was also included in the button-down gown.

It is inspired by Kate’s beautiful pastel dress she wore in 2020 to an elderly care facility.

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There’s no doubt that Kate Middleton has plenty of fashion inspiration to draw from. That includes her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, and other royal women. However, it’s undeniable that her own mother, Carole, has left an impression on her daughter’s fashion sense!

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