Kate Middleton reveals she is allergic to one of the Queen’s favourite things


Kate Middleton has revealed that she is allergic to one of the Queen’s favourite things.

The Duchess of Cambridge told Australian author Kathy Latte about her allergy during a polo match.

Kathy asked the 40-year-old royal family member why she wasn’t playing in the match.

Kate replied revealing: “I’m allergic to horses.”

Two years later the wife of Santa Barbara Polo Club president Clarisa Ru explained how Kate was trying to overcome the allergy.

The Duchess tried to expose herself to horses in a hope to battle the allergy which is also called immunotherapy.

Clarisa said: “I got a chance to have a conversation with Kate, I asked if she was into polo before she met William. She said no, but she’s been riding horses for a while and she hopes to play polo one day.

Kate Middleton reveals allergy to horses
Kate Middleton reveals allergy to horses

“I’m actually allergic to them, but the more time one spends with them the less allergic you become.”

A number of the royal family members are skilled horse riders who enjoy playing polo however, Queen Elizabeth II would definitely be most disappoint by the allergy due to her obsessed with animals.

Despite Kate not being able to participate in polo, she has just taken on Prince Harry’s former role as Patron of England’s Rugby Football League.

The new role see Kate clash with her husband Prince William who is a patron of the Walsh Rugby League.

The Duchess of Cambridge is allergic to one of the Queen's favourite things
The Duchess of Cambridge is allergic to one of the Queen’s favourite things

On Wednesday February 2, Kate tweeted from the Kensington Royal account to share the announcement.

She said: “I am so delighted to become patron of the @RFL and @EnglandRugby.

She continued: “Two fantastic organisations who are committed to harnessing the power that sport can have in bringing communities together and helping individuals flourish.

“I look forward to working with them across all levels of the games, and to cheering England on in what promises to be an exciting year for both sports!”

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