Kate Middleton To Reunite With Her Royal Doppelganger Princess Mary


Kate Middleton is off on a solo overseas trip this week that will bring her face-to-face with another royal woman who looks so much like the Duchess of Cambridge, the two could be sisters. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will be there to greet Middleton when she arrives in Copenhagen. Middleton will spend two days in the capital city as her Danish counterpart, here’s how she’ll be spending her time. 

Kate Middleton On Overseas Trip

On the heels of her husband Prince William’s recent historic visit to the UAE, Kate Middleton is going on a solo overseas trip of her own. Middleton will be in Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen between February 22 and 23 to meet with Princess Mary. 

The two ladies have a lot in common. Both will one day become the queen of their nation, both are mothers, and they both hold early childcare education, as well as protections for women and children facing domestic violence, near and dear to their hearts. It’s those latter two similarities that have brought the two royal women together once again over ten years after the two first met. 

Another Face-To-Face With Princess Mary

That first meeting featured a tour of a Unicef facility in Denmark in November 2011, which was just a few months after Middleton married William in a worldwide televised ceremony. That meeting revealed just how much Mary and Middleton had in common, and how eerily similar the two looked. Mary, 50, is just 10 years older than the Duchess of Cambridge and looks so much like the British royal that the two could be mistaken for sisters.

Middleton already has one look-a-like in the world, her younger sister Pippa, but now we’ll have to take a double look at the photos from the duchess’ Denmark trip to make sure we know who’s who. It’s more than the fact that the two have similar eye and hair colors. Their face shapes, jawlines, and even their cheekbones are incredibly similar. If we didn’t know any better, we might think Middleton was some long-lost Danish princess. 

A Jaw Dropping Resemblance

It’ll be wonderful to see these two royal doppelgängers together again after many long years. Though they’ve attended the same events, like the 2016 Royal Ascot, there haven’t been nearly enough photos of Princess Mary and Kate Middleton together. Luckily the wait is nearly over.

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