Kate Middleton’s Choice To Stay In Windsor Is Relatable For Mothers


Kate Middleton stayed home in Windsor with her children after Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022. If anyone questions why Middleton stayed behind, they obviously have never been a mother.

Balancing Being A Royal And A Mother

On Thursday, September 8, Buckingham Palace issued a statement that the Queen’s doctors were concerned about her health and “recommended she remain under medical supervision.” Just a few hours later, Her Majesty’s passing was announced. One of the queen’s family members who was by her side at the palace was her grandson, Prince William.

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However, the prince’s wife remained at their home in Windsor, leaving some people to speculate why exactly she was absent. Then again, only people who are not mothers themselves would question why Middleton did not travel with her husband.

In the midst of the queen’s death, Middleton is having to balance her roles as both a working royal family member and mother of three. William and Middleton share three children: Prince George, 9; Princess Charlotte, 7; and Prince Louis, 4.

According to People, the children had their first day of school the day the queen passed. The family has recently moved from their home in London to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor’s Home Park. The move appears to be an important step in raising their children. Plus, all three young royals now attend the same school, Lambrook School. 

The Importance Of Routine And Consistency

Most likely, the duchess remained in Windsor to maintain a sense of normalcy for her children. This is key as a new school year has just begun for the family. All mothers understand the importance of routine and consistency, even when a tragic family event has occurred.

As a mother to three children myself, I have witnessed firsthand how kids respond to being off their routine. Most of the time, I’ll do anything I need to do in order to keep my children on their typical schedule.

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Middleton understands the benefits of being consistent with her children. She knows that maintaining a routine will keep some peace and harmony in their busy household.

In the midst of a new school year, Middleton also must contend with the passing of the queen and work to stay present for her children during this difficult time. Although loss is always a tough thing to go through, Middleton’s grace and ability leave her up to the challenge.

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