Kate Robin, Emily Atack’s mother vows to stop sex after sex with’miserable men.


Kate Robbins is Emily Atack’s TV Star Mum. She has given up sex.

After enduring the misery of a lot of sexy blokes, Afterlife’s star decided to quit going on dates.

The comedian and singer, 63 years old, said: “I’ve given up dating, I’m a single woman and I’m going to stay single.

“I do not want to have sex again.”

Kate’s disdain for dating began when she appeared on the TV series Grumpy Old Women and toured the show around the UK.

The title of the show and the “Moaning” mature ladies seemed to be a way to delay potential dates.

Emily's mum Kate is giving up on sex
Kate, Emily’s mom, has given up on sex

Kate now knows that she can no longer say yes to every fella who asks her out.

She said: “I was supposed to be a little bit sexy and the other two were a bit like ‘we don’t know any to have sex again’.

“But, I am now like them!”

Meanwhile last month, Kate Robbins mocked her daughter Emily when during an appearance on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed lunch.

Emily Atack's mum is giving up on men and dating too
Emily Atack’s mom is also giving up on dating and men.

Emily had been to the BRIT Awards 2022 before her mum took the stage. So naturally, her daughter’s dress became a big talk point.

Stella McCartney was the second choice for Inbetweeners actress. It sparkled all over and hugged all her curves.

Emily shared with Instagram followers that she had a problem with her first outfit just days before the glamorous red carpet gig.

Emily's mum Kate mocked her after she'd attended the BRIT's
After Emily attended the BRIT, Emily’s mom Kate made fun of her.

Emily looks stunning in her original outfit, and Emily wrote: “Had a fitting for the Brits and sadly can’t wear this because of my chunky bum but wanted to show it off.”

Following the BRIT’s Celebrity Juice panel meeting, a BRIT’s Celebrity Juice member was subject to some ridicule from Kate during Steph’s interview.

After we had discussed the glam appearance of blonde TV star on red carpet, comedian and singer Kate made a joke: “I reckon her hair and makeup aren’t quite as nice this morning.”

Emily shared the clip on her Instagram page, along with the caption “Of for fu …@katerobbins.

“You don’t know much about @katerobbins.” she added with a picture of herself clutching onto a cushion.

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