Kate Winslet’s Husband Allegedly Upset About Chemistry With Male Co-Star, Gossip Said


It is Kate Winslet Her husband was upset Edward SmithShe pushes forward with her new project. One tabloid claims Smith isn’t fond of Winslet’s latest on-screen love interest. Here’s what we know about Winslet’s upcoming movie.

Kate Winslet ‘Ruffling Feathers’Co-Star

Neue Idea reports Kate Winslet’s close relationship with Jude Law is starting to cause problems in her marriage to Edward Smith — formerly known as Ned Rocknroll. Winslet will star alongside Law, according to producers. LeeA biopic on Lee Miller, a WWII photojournalist and model. “They’re thrilled to be teaming up again,”An insider’s guide to cooking. Winslet & Law worked first together on The HolidayBefore you team up again in ContagionBut this will be their first interaction against each other.

And sources say Smith has reason to worry, since Winslet and Law’s chemistry has been “off the charts” during rehearsals. “Ned was always a bit funny about Kate’s leading men. Until recently, he was extremely fixed on her close friendship with Leo [DiCaprio],”A tipper is trustworthy. “Now, Jude is on his radar. Kate has never hid the fact that she thought he was one of Britain’s hottest actors.”

Sources add that the timing couldn’t be worse for Smith. “Ned going through a crisis of confidence over Kate and Jude couldn’t have come at a worse time given they’ve been bickering a lot lately,”The snitch explains. “They’ve struggled during the pandemic lockdowns. Ned can be a bit insecure and always fears the worst, which then puts a lot of pressure on poor Kate.”

Kate Winslet’s Marriage Threatened By Romances?

It is difficult to believe this story. It may seem strange to people not involved in showbusiness, but professional actors such as Kate Winslet are used to falling in love with their characters on the screen. So, we’re sure that after 10 years of marriage, Edward Smith has learned to trust his wife.

And there isn’t any need to worry from Jude Law’s side of things. The outlet doesn’t even bother mentioning that Philippa Coan is Law’s wifeThey have been married since 2019 and recently had their first child. We don’t think anyone is too concerned about Law making a move for Winslet.

How about Their? ‘Bickering’?

We also aren’t buying the idea that Winslet and Smith’s marriage was already fragile. Only a few short months had passed before this article was published. Winslet gave an emotive shoutoutWhile she accepted her Emmy Award, she embraced her husband.

“My children — Mia, Joe, and Bear — the greatest people in the world. And my husband Ned, who I get to hold hands with for the rest of my life,”She spoke. “Yes, I am the winner! Thank you so much.”Later, in the press area, she recalled her first experience. EmmysCeremony with Smith. “When I was here 10 years ago with Mildred Pierce we had actually just met,”Winslet. “I knew that I was going to spend my life with this man.”

She continued: “We’re getting to the Emmys and I was just so in a whirlwind of having just met him that I couldn’t even concentrate and I vividly remember making an absolutely appalling speech because I was not on planet earth because I had fallen head over heels in love with this person who I just met. So to have him here, it’s really quite special.”

More Tabloid Jealousy Stories

This seems to be a common story. Neue Idea. Last year, the outlet claimed Keith Urban was worried about Nicole Kidman’s “steamy”Scenes with Javier Bardem. The magazine claimed Urban wanted Kidman to stop working with certain male actors. The publication also claimed that Chris Hemsworth’s growing jealousy was driving Elsa Pataky and Elsa Pataky away. It’s pretty evident that Neue Idea isn’t the most reliable source for updates on celebrity couples.

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