Katherine Schwarzenegger Allegedly Leaning On Mom Maria Shriver Over Chris Pratt’s Absence, Unverified Insider Says


It is Katherine SchwarzeneggerShe leans on her mom Maria Shriverto make it through her second child? According to one tabloid, Schwarzenegger is struggling since her second pregnancy. Chris Pratthe has been absent. Let’s check in on the growing family.

Katherine Schwarzenegger ‘Leaning On Mom’?

This week OK! reports Katherine Schwarzenegger has been struggling with her second pregnancy since her husband Chris Pratt hasn’t been around to support her. Actor in demand, Schwarzenegger is busy shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger’s mother, is reportedly what she has been looking for to provide emotional support. Sources say Shriver is right there with her daughter, and knows exactly what to say.

“She tells Katherine stories about how [Arnold Schwarzenegger] was always working when she was pregnant. Maria understands what she’s going through,”The tipster admits. Sources say Pratt “feels bad about being away during this special time, but Katherine doesn’t guilt-trip him.” But even so, the insider notes that the future’s looking brighter. “Chris’ next two movies are voice-over work, so he can be home during the baby’s first few months… Sure, Katherine wishes he was around more, but Maria says it’s the life they chose when they married box-office superstars!”

Is Katherine Schwarzenegger Struggling?

While this is a fairly sweet and simple story, we seriously doubt this tabloid’s “insider” truly has this kind of insight into Katherine Schwarzenegger’s family life. It’s quite bizarre to pretend to know the details of private conversations between any mother and daughter, so we just aren’t quite buying this tale. And it’s true that Pratt has a hectic work schedule that keeps him away, but judging from social media, Katherine seems to be handling her second pregnancy like a champ.

But right in line with the outlet’s story, we’re sure that Shriver is always there with advice for her daughter. In a recent Instagram post celebrating Shriver for Mother’s Day, Schwarzenegger wrote, “I love you and hope to be half the mother you are!” So, clearly, this magazine isn’t taking a big leap with its claims.

The Tabloid About Katherine Schwarzenegger

It is not difficult to believe anything, however. OK! writes about the Schwarzeneggers since it’s repeatedly gotten it wrong about Katherine and Chris Pratt. The publication claimed Pratt was irritating her by asking her questions about her dad a couple of years back. The outlet also claimed that Pratt was feigning hostilities with the Schwarzeneggers. Clearly, OK! There is no authoritative source on the Schwarzenegger family.

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