Kathryn Prescott Shares Rare Update 4 Months After Truck Accident


Kathryn Prescott will never forget the day her life seemed to change forever.

In September, the actress was struck by a cement truck. It broke her legs, her left foot, her left hand, and pelvis in two spots. And today, for the first time, the 30-year-old is opening up about what happened—and how an ordinary rock became her, well, rock.

“An anonymous woman, whose face I never saw, put this rock into my hand as I was being lifted onto a stretcher,”She captioned the first Instagram she took in five months. “She whispered into my ear that it was for good luck. When I finally got to the operating room and was being prepped for my first surgery, one of the assistants asked me what was in my fist. I realized I had been holding onto it since then without realizing.”

The rock she shared with her in the snap became a lucky charm. “Thank you to that woman (if anyone knows who she is, please tell me) and to all of my amazing nurses, doctors, physical/occupational therapists and surgeons at NYP and Mount Sinai,”She continued, before calling out her twin. Megan Prescott. “Thank you to my sister for moving heaven and earth to get to me during a global pandemic and travel ban. Thank you to all of my friends for being there, without hesitation, and for sending your mums, friends and sisters when you couldn’t.”