Katie Couric Dated Media Giant, Called Him A Creepy ‘Horn Dog’


For as often as tabloids promote tell-all memoirs, they’re actually fairly rare. Katie Couric is doing press to promote Going There, an actual proper tell-all that feels free to sling dirt and name names. One name who comes off a bit worse than going in is the late broadcasting legend, Larry King. Here’s what she had to say.

Unrelenting Drive

Couric was determined to make it big. Her resolve to say yes to anything and everything even extended into her love life. In her late twenties, she and King went on a date. Couric writes, “Larry was already a big player on and off-screen, with a slew of ex-wives. A pretty fascinating character. I was eager to pick his brain.”

If you’re curious, King was 24 years older than Couric, and this would have happened in the early nineties. Couric was named a permanent anchor on Today in 1991, while King had already starred in Ghostbusters.

Anyway, Couric says King “ordered veal poached in chicken broth and ate it with gusto.” His slurpy tendencies did not warm her heart. Sadly for Couric, this would be the end of the pleasant part of her evening.

Creepy And Forceful

King proceeded to drive Couric back to his place without her consent. She tried joking, “Mayday! Mayday! Dear Cosmo: My dinner date is an aging horn dog and he’s detouring me to his place,” but King still went to his home anyway.

Upon getting back to his place, King lunged at her. Couric writes, “I was trying to figure out an exit strategy when suddenly — boom! The lunge. The tongue. The hands. The whole scene was such a cliche, I began to laugh and gently pushed him away.” King finally took the hint that Couric would want to be with someone closer to her age, and drove her home.

They Remained Friends For Years

It’s easy to read this story and conclude that King sexually harassed Couric, but that’s not how she sees it. Instead, she said the two remained friends for the rest of his life. When They even had a “big laugh” about the night later on. When King died earlier this year, Couric paid him tribute.

This awkward night somehow forged a life-lasting bond. Going There is available now wherever books are sold, and there are many more stories where this one came from. Couric’s no longer playing the part of a nice person, and is freely airing her vendettas.

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