Katie Holmes Allegedly Shut Down Tom Cruise’s $90K Birthday Gift To Suri, Dubious Insider Says


It is Katie HolmesPushing back Tom Cruise‘s plans for Suri’Are you celebrating your birthday? One tabloid claims that Mission: Impossible actor wants to go all out for the occasion, but Holmes isn’t having it. Here’s what we know.

Tom Cruise Sending Suri A ‘$90,000 Gift’?

This week Neue Idea Suri Cruise will be turning 16 in September, and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have big plans. Suri Cruise is excited to spend a day with her mom on the town. “She told Katie she wants to start her day with good coffee, hit the shops in SoHo, and finish off with a fancy dinner at [New York hotspot] Catch and a gelato on the way home. It’s kind of a typical day for them anyway, but Katie will make it special,”An insider is trustworthy

But sources say Tom wants to do something special for Suri since they’ve spent most of the last decade apart. Apparently, he had plans to buy Suri a Tesla Model X—worth at least $90,000—but Holmes shut it down. “The car is a nice gesture, if not a touch extravagant. But the thought of Suri driving in New York at her age is the stuff of nightmares for Katie,” the tipster notes, adding that a car isn’t exactly necessary in NYC. “There’s plenty of time to learn to drive… most New Yorkers don’t even bother.”

Katie Holmes Shut Down Tom Cruise?

There are a few reasons we aren’t buying this story. First of all, if Katie Holmes rejected Tom Cruise’s plans for getting Suri a car, how would this tabloid know about it? If we’re to believe this tipster’s story, they’d have to be pretty embedded in Holmes’ circle of trust. However, they don’t seem to be friends with Holmes, and they also have no problem giving information about Suri. Most likely, this story was false and Tom did not intend on buying his daughter a Tesla.

The father-daughter duo hasn’t even been photographed together since 2013, with some outlets arguing that Suri’s status as a non-Scientologist means Tom technically shouldn’t have any sort of relationship with her. We doubt he would choose something so outrageous and random for his daughter’s birthday. An outrageous $90k birthday gift seems more like tabloid fantasy than reality.

The Tabloid: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

The final nail in this story’s coffin was the magazine that published the article. Neue Idea. For years, the tabloid has spread misinformation about Holmes and Cruise. The outlet reported last year that Cruise planned to propose to his wife. Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell. Then the magazine alleged Holmes’ friends were worried about her because she had been single for too long. The magazine also claimed Cruise wanted to reunite her with Suri after 10 long years apart. Obviously, Neue Idea isn’t the most trustworthy source where Cruise and Holmes are involved.