Katie Holmes and her new boyfriend discuss how to survive pandemic after red carpet


Katie HolmesThe actress has been absent from movies for the past two years. But, she is back with Alone togetherShe also directed and wrote the movie. Holmes recently shared her thoughts and feelings about the film, as well as how the COVID-19 lockdown has affected her. 

Holmes discusses COVID-19 Lockdowns ‘It Was Such A Scary Time’

Holmes was seen on the Tribeca Film Festival’s red carpet and expressed her excitement about returning to the cinema. “It’s so exciting,” She said. “It was such a scary time to go through, especially when New York City was hit so hard, that [it’s great] to see people out.”

The actress also took the time to thank her peers in the entertainment industry for their inspiration and shared how it has influenced her as a creator. “The festival is so inspiring to me,”She explained. “I went to some of the shorts that Whoopi Goldberg curated on Sunday, and Kyra Sedgwick’s movie was also then.”She continued: “To feel everyone continuing to create and be there for each other. That’s what New York is about.”

Her New Movie

Holmes’ new movie, Alone togetherThe COVID-19 lockdowns are also explored. June, a food critic, escapes from the city by traveling upstate. Here’s a summary of the movie, taken from its website: “When her boyfriend decides to stay in the city to take care of his parents, June has to settle in for the long haul as she starts to understand that the initial two weeks of pandemic might just drag on a bit!”

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June’s separation from her boyfriend is complicated by another love interest named Charlie. “They muse about life goals, relationships, and veganism while eating takeout under neon signs,”The synopsis is continuing. “The film is a joyful and surprisingly nostalgic love story set against the continuous background drone of all-foo-familiar covid catchphrases on the news.”

Bobby Wooten, Holmes and Boyfriend of Holmes, Walk the Red Carpet Together

Holmes smiled all the way to the red carpet and was excited about the new movie. Alone togetherIt is possible that her new boyfriend may have played a role in it. 

Bobby Wooten III, her Grammy-nominated musician boyfriend who worked on Broadway and supported big names at Coachella, was the actress that walked the red carpet. They were first spotted together in April. Holmes and Wooten seem to be very happy together, and fans of the actress are delighted that she’s found love again. 

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