Katie Holmes’ Friends Worried About Her Unrecognizably Sad And Lonely Life?


It is Katie HolmesAre you suffering from loneliness? On tabloid’s cover story claims the Batman Begins Beauty struggles to keep her head together. Here’s what we know about Holmes’ most recent heartbreak.

Katie Holmes ‘Unrecognizable’Are You Looking at Recent Photos?

This week’s edition of Star reports Katie Holmes doesn’t look like herself in recent photos. Recent sightings of Katie Holmes showed that the actress is not like herself. Dawson’s Creek Star, she began casual clothing, “cheap-looking”Cap, and chipped nail varnish, leaving many to wonder what happened the otherwise well-dressed actress. “Katie looked so lost and alone,”Witness was given to the tabloid. “I did a double-take when I saw her because she looked so different — like someone who couldn’t even afford to get her nails done. She seemed so stressed and sad.”

While Holmes insists she has everything under control, her friends aren’t sure. “Katie swears that she’s OK, but she struggles to get out of bed every morning and sometimes spends weekends just hitting the snooze button,”A source confides. “The truth is, she has no man, she’s going through financial problems and she’s really stressed out. Everyone is really concerned that she starting to lose it.”

Katie Holmes Struggling To Get Out Of Bed?

This report is based on a single Katie Holmes photo. God forbid that an actress walks out on the streets without having perfect nails and full makeup. There wasn’t anything concerning about Holmes’ appearance. It’s possible something was weighing on her mind, but a single photo isn’t enough to prove the actress is in crisis. The tabloid even admitted that Holmes’ representatives had denied the story.

Her career is not in jeopardy. It’s true Holmes isn’t seen on screen as often anymore, but her career behind the camera is taking off. Recently, Holmes was seen in New York City She is directing her third feature film. Holmes certainly isn’t wandering around in a sad daze looking for her next boyfriend. According to a source, Holmes is not looking for her next boyfriend. E!? “Dating is not a huge priority for her,”You can add “She has a full plate with work and Suri.”

Holmes has no friends in the tabloids, so Holmes will not be running to them to tell the world. “sad”It is unclear how good or bad she is at dating. Even the tabloid acknowledged Holmes’ representatives had denied it. It’s obvious there was no truth to this tale and readers shouldn’t believe a word of it.

The Tabloids on Katie Holmes

Magazines are always making up stories about Holmes’ dating life. This year, Woman’s Day Holmes reported that Holmes had a secret boyfriend. A New Idea Holmes claimed that Holmes was also pregnant. More recently, Okay! Holmes was alleged to have moved to Los Angeles in order to find a celebrity boyfriend. Clearly, these tabloids have no insight into Holmes’ personal life.