Katie Holmes Shares How She Spends Quarantine Time with Suri


2020’s COVID-19 lockdowns shut the world down for a little while, and everyone had to find ways to fill the time. Katie HolmesSuri, her daughter, shared the story of how they spent lockdown together, bonding over classic movies as well as taking up new hobbies. 

Holmes and Suri ‘Probably Watched Dirty Dancing 10 Times’

Holmes recently took a photograph AMAZING MagazineThe actress shared details about her private life. A lake house was the perfect retreat for the actress and her 16 year-old daughter. They enjoyed a range of activities while they were there. 

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“I painted, we had a sewing machine so we were making quilts, we were cooking; we were on a perpetual vacation,” Holmes was also a co-author. “We were also on a lake and there was a hammock, so I would wake up, sew, have coffee, take a nap on the hammock.”

“Oh and, by the way, I have to throw this in,”The actress laughed. “We were staying by a lake, so we probably watched Dirty Dancing 10 times. Let me tell you, I danced to it in the living room and it still holds up. It was fun.”

Holmes discusses how to remain hopeful in difficult times

Holmes also spoke out about her thoughts on how to keep hope alive during difficult times. “I am hopeful and I am a bit of a romantic in life, and I like movies that have kindness in them or at least that’s where I am right now while we’re still in the pandemic,”She explained.

“I kind of go through life connecting the dots of goodness and walking to the next one,” Holmes continued. “For storytelling it’s cool to see characters struggle but find something. I think that’s true to life. I wanna believe that, anyway.”

Her Pandemic-Inspired New Movie

For her latest movie, the actress was inspired by the lockdown and pandemic. Alone or together. Holmes directed, wrote, and starred as Holmes in the film. The story follows two strangers who are booked in the same apartment in upstate New York. They flee the city during the pandemic. 

“I think what I appreciated, and I say this because I didn’t experience any major loss like a lot of people did during the pandemic, which I’m very grateful for that. But the pandemic for me really was sort of taking a deep breath and a break and then learning again how to really listen. How to take time with things,” Holmes said Entertainment Tonight. “So, I applied that to making this movie, which is my second film as a director.”  

Holmes continued, “The story came out of wanting to write. Write a love story and also just trying to make a time capsule of this period that we all went through that I think we’ll be processing for a long time. That was the inspiration behind it for sure.” Fans of Holmes are happy the actress had such a great time bonding with Suri—and that she used her pandemic lockdown experience to make a new movie. 

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