Katie Meyer, Stanford Soccer star, has committed suicide. Her parents reveal in a heartbreaking interview with Today


After an autopsy revealed no foul play, the parents of a college student from California were able to tell morning TV that their daughter had taken her own life.

Katie Meyer was a star athlete at Stanford University and was the captain of the school’s soccer team.

Her parents, Steve and Gina Meyer, spoke with NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk in an interview that aired on “Today.” Gosk herself became emotional while talking about the story to the show’s hosts.

“She died by suicide. The last couple days are like a parents’ worst nightmare, and you don’t wake up for it,” Gina Meyer said. 

Katie’s parents couldn’t contain their emotions. 

“We’re struggling right now, Stephanie. We’re struggling to know what happened and why it happened. We’re just heartbroken,” Gina said.

During the interview, Gina said she was wearing her daughter’s sweatshirt. 

“Every mom is going to understand this, but when you smell it, it smells like her. It smells like Katie, just her scent. I’m wearing it cause I just want to be close to her.”