Katie Price laments the lack of social media followers among this year’s I’m A Star contestants


Katie Price and Carl Woods, her fiance, have complained about the I’m a Celeb lineup for this year. They said contestants on the show shouldn’t be required to reveal who they are to the public.

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Katie Price is critical of I’m A Celebrity contestants this year for not being able to claim celebrity status.

Carl Woods and the ex-glamour model sat down together to share their reactions to this year’s first episode. This is the second appearance on the programme.

The pair did not hold back when they suggested that the name of the new edition be changed. “I’m A Non-Celebrity”Some contestants did not have enough social media followers.

Katie, who is 43 years old, and Carl, 32-years-old, lashed out at some of the contestants this year for having had. “even less followers”Carl.

Carl stated this in the video that Katie posted to her 2.7 million Instagram followers. “Even me, a nobody, has more followers than some of these people.

“For me, it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity. You don’t have to say “hi I’m so” because you were meant to be famous.

The pair then called out Instagram stars for only 16,000 followers. Katie added her surprise at the inability to find an Instagram. “influencer”Included in the line up.

The mom-of-5 added: “It should be called Who Are They? Are You A Celebrity or Aren’t You?”

Katie continues to discuss how she was on the show twice, something she is the only one to do. She also mentions the fact that it’s in Wales.

She stated: “To me, it should be in Australia. I watched the show last year in the castle and to be honest I thought it was absolutely s***.”

After Carl said that the show shouldn’t have been called I’m A Celeb once more, Katie continued: “They’re filming it in Wales so no-one really has to fly anywhere and this is the only people they could pick out of the real celebrity land.”

They did praise the show for its first challenge, and Katie admitted that she would not have been able to complete it if she were on the show.

In the opening episode of this year’s contest, viewers were terrified by the first challenge, which saw Louise Minchin and Naughty Boy, Danny Miller, and Snoochie Shy walking along a plank over a lake.

Campmates had to walk on a plank to the end of the challenge. They then had to wait for the green light to turn red. After this, they were required to use their feet to push a button and the fastest celeb won.

Ant said: “The red lights will start to flash and when the green light comes on, you must press the button with your foot. The first celebrity to hit their button will win and the loser will be dropped from their plank.”

Katie labeled the challenges “bloody good”She changed her tune to state that she was already there “hooked”Due to the challenges, the show was canceled.

She concluded by saying that she was “hook, line and sinkered”She told people to forget that she didn’t rate the celebrity line up.

Every night at 9pm, ITV’s I’m A Celebrity 2021 broadcasts.

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