Katie Price shares an update on her feet, as she looks for a way to alleviate constant pain through a’scary procedure’


The topless model broke both her feet after she jumped over a wall on a trip to Turkey in 2020. Since then, she has been suffering from ‘constant’ pain and is looking for new treatments.

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Katie Price wishes her fans a Happy Easter while on Holiday

Katie Price gave an update about her battered feet, as she was getting ready to go to treatment to relieve the pain from her broken feet in 2020.

A 43-year-old mother of five smashed her feet on a trip she took to Turkey two years back. She was unable walk after the accident.

Katie claims that despite having had multiple operations on her feet, she is still in pain. She wants to be able to live with the pain.

On Friday, the model for OnlyFans gave an update via Instagram. She explained that she was going to get medical treatment.

Katie explained: “So here I am at the hospital. It’s The Day. So after MRI scans, CT scans, X-Rays, it’s time to try something else on my feet to make it easier in life for me to do things.

“I struggle to walk. I can’t walk fast. Today they’re going to sedate me and try to put some cortisol injections [steroid hormone injections] in me.

“I’ve asked a lot of people about cortisol injections and it works for some people and it doesn’t for some others. But fingers crossed it does.

“If it doesn’t work, the other option is to go back into my feet and look at the screws and see what can happen. So I’m just waiting now because my op is soon.”

Katie continued to explain that although she has been to the gills many times in search of bigger breasts, the idea of having to be operated on is not something that she would have preferred. ‘not her choice’It has made her anxious.

She explained: “I’m actually s***ting myself because, although I’ve had lots of surgery… lots. Lots? It’s my choice to do that. Normally I get excited, I don’t get nervous.

“But I’m nervous today because this isn’t something I’m choosing to do. This is something that, medically, I’m having to do. Not by choice. It’s weird how I am scared.”

She then showed how her feet and ankles had been marked by a surgeon showing where they would be injecting the steroid hormones and added that it can take up to three weeks to take effect.

Sharing her video via her main Instagram feed, she added a caption, stating: “I’ve been living with so much pain with my feet for almost 2 years now! It’s massively affected my mobility and has really knocked my mental health.

“Yesterday I had cortisone shots in my feet to ease pain. I’m hoping this works and that it will allow me to be more mobile. my feet are currently in supports and are sore but it’s still early days!”

Katie added: “Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who have helped me during this difficult time and thank you to my fans for the warm wishes.”

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