Katy Perry’s College Football Championship Music Video Premiere Left Fans beyond Annoyed


Katy PerryA non-traditional halftime show was headlinedFor Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship match. The video was premiered by the 37-year old singer. “When I’m Gone”This playlist features Alesso, a Swedish producer and DJ. According to Billboard,The video was teased over several weeks before its release before New Years Eve. 

ESPN aired the game live, marking the first time ever that a music video was shown during a broadcast. According to PEOPLE. Perry is no stranger college football. College GameDay2014 She also performed at Super Bowl XLIX’s halftime show. 

“When it comes to my music videos we all know I like to push the boundaries and myself, and create unique opportunities for my fans to see them,”Perry stated. “ESPN and especially College GameDay hold a special place in my heart, so partnering with Alesso to become the first artists to ever debut a global music video within a live event on ESPN made for a perfect and natural pairing.”Perry’s music video was not well received by fans watching the game. Below are some reactions of fans to Perry’s music video. “When I’m Gone.”


One fan asked: “Whose bright idea was it to premiere a Katy Perry video during a college football halftime show?”


Are You Interested in Football?

Another fan said: “Katy Perry video premiere during the CFP ‘ship is a weird combination but I put ranch dressing on Chinese food so it’s not like I have a leg to stand on when it comes to calling out weird combinations.”


No Sir

A fan said: “It blows my mind when they think the target demo for Super Bowls and national titles football games would also enjoy a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga show at halftime. Turn that bull s— off.”


Unhappy Alabama Fan

This fan also said: “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive ESPN for putting the Katy Perry music video on air before the Bob’s Burger’s Movie trailer.”