Katy Tur gets a surprising supporter in Megyn Kelly after Keith Olbermann makes abuse claims on the Podcast


Katy Tur, a MSNBC anchor, has a supporter in an ex-FOX News anchor. Tur’s ex-boyfriend, Keith Olbermann, recently used his podcast to talk about what he described as abuse from the MSNBC anchor. After Olbermann made the claims, one of his previous Fox News rivals jumped to Tur’s defense. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Megyn Kelly.

In a recent episode of Olbermann’s podcastCountdown With Keith OlbermannTur was the target of a nearly twenty-minute tirade by the commentator. Apparently the two were in a three year relationship from 2006–2009. Olbermann confessed that he had previously slapped his ex-girlfriend before he did this. “This is about somebody who has thrown punches at me for the past 15 years.” 

The commentator continued: “If this seems mean spirited or vengeful, I’ll wear it. Bringing this up is obviously painful for me. That’s why I haven’t brought it up over the course of the past 15 years.”

“On January 22, 2017, Katy Tur of MSNBC asked me to write her Trump book for her. She was serious and there are receipts,” Olbermann remarked. “So all of this time, I have remained silent about the nearly three years she and I lived together and the eight years after that I remained her good and loyal friend.”

Olbermann seems to have grown tired of being silent about their relationship. The podcast host claimed that Tur had attacked him previously. Olbermann explained, “I have remained silent even though six days after my emergency appendectomy in 2007, she started punching and slapping me, with real intent to do harm, because the living room wasn’t clean enough in our place.”Olbermann asked the following question: “How exactly do you even try to defend yourself against a woman 125 pounds lighter and a foot shorter than you?”

The following is an Episode of The Megyn Kelly Show, the previous Fox News anchor listened to part of Olbermann’s tirade with her panel of guests. After the clip played, Kelly remarked that Olbermann’s “level of outrage over these minor slights is just disproportionate.”

Kelly said then, “I don’t know what’s happened there, but it’s very trainwrecky to watch an ex—both of these people are public figures—to go public with this list of grievances and try to take down a woman who’s clearly moved on. She’s married to somebody else; her career’s fine.”

After the show’s guests chimed in and agreed that Olbermann was just airing his “dirty laundry,”Kelly shared her opinion on Kelly’s sports commentator. “[Olbermann’s] a mean guy. He really is a mean guy. I should temper my criticism, because I don’t really know Keith Olbermann at all,”Kelly admitted. “I just know that when he makes headlines on Twitter or on his show, nine times out of ten, he’s being absolutely caustic about somebody with whom he was once close.”

The host went on to share how it’s difficult to listen to someone use their platform to attack a person they were once close to. Kelly stated, “It’s one thing to have strong opinions about the news. God bless. That’s what he gets paid to do. It’s quite another to be going after people personally with your microphone, people you used to live with, people you used to love. Anyway, the whole thing is awkward.”

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