Keanu Reeves Surprises SDCC 20022 With the ‘John Wick Chapter Four’ Trailer


Keanu Reeves crashed Collider’s directors on the directing panel in order to premiere the trailer John Wick Chapter 4 at San Diego Comic-Con on July 22, Deadline reported. Chad Stahelski, the film’s director, was just there as a panelist. 

They each presented the Lionsgate movie’s first trailer. John Wick Released on March 24, 2023.“Sorry to crash the party, they threw me out here,”Reeves.

According to Stahelski, Reeves, the fourth installment of the series will be set in five places: Japan, America Paris, Berlin and Jordan. A voiceover asks John, “Have you thought about where this ends?”John fights off his enemies with samurai guns, samurai swords and nunchucks in action scenes set up across several countries.

“Are you ready, John?”Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King bellows.”Yeah,”Wick responds nonchalantly.

“Lot of nunchucks,”Stahelski stated, “We just love nunchucks.” Reeves joked,”I think you just like to torture your lead character.” 

Reeves spoke earlier in the day on Comic-Con panels to discuss the topic. Future plans for his comic book series BRZRKR. Panel members revealed that Netflix is working on a two-season anime series for the project. 

Boom Studios debuted the series last year. The series features an immortal warrior named B. He works for the US government and hopes to find a way to end his unusually long life. Reeves will star in the live action movie and voice B in anime series.

Außerdem, the actor has teamed up with an unnamed New York Times best-seller author to create a new movie. BRZRKR novel. Reeves did not reveal the identity of the author but said that they were one of his favourite writers and that he approached them for the project. Random House will publish this book. BRZRKR novel.

“We met in Berlin, and it was really cool,”Reeves addressed the panel. “They had read the comic, and they enjoyed it and they had a lot of questions and they were open and a curious. This will be a collaboration. He’s been kind enough… oh, I said he, whoops…”

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