Keir Starmer blasts the ‘outof ideas’ Tories, and vows to get Britain back ‘up off the mat.



Keir Sternmer, Labour leader, stated that Britain deserves much better than this out-of-touch, out-of-ideas Tory Government as the nation prepares to head to the polls in local elections

Mirror readers are urged to vote Labour by Keir Sternmer “get household bills down and Britain back up off the mat”.

The Labour leader, Boris Johnson, slammed Tory sleaze, and the cost of living crisis in an exclusive article published on the eve polling day.

He writes: “If like me, you believe Britain deserves so much better than this out of touch, out of ideas Tory Government – that they need to buck their ideas up or get out – then today vote for a party that’s on your side.”

Starmer stated that the Government was doing the following “bare minimum”for the voters and accused them trying to “pick the pockets of working people”With tax increases.

He also described Tory attacks on Angela Rayner and himself as a “compliment”, saying: “It’s because they know they’ve got nothing else left.”

Starmer accused the Conservatives’ of wasting their time. “absurd distractions and deflections”Watch footage of him having a beer in Durham with colleagues while campaigning for Hartlepool byelection.

And he blasted “smears”Angela Rayner was his deputy, and the subject of widely criticized Tory briefings in which she said that she had crossed her legs in the Commons to distract Boris Johnson.

Voters are heading to the polls for local elections on Thursday, the first test of the electoral system since Partygate revelations were made and the cost to live crisis started to bite.

There are 4,359 seats available in 146 English councils.

An additional 1,226 candidates are being considered in 32 Scottish councils.

Voters in Northern Ireland will elect 30 MLAs to try and break the Stormont impasse. The outcome could cause political turmoil in the country if Sinn Fein wins the election, which is expected.

Boris Johnson could face new challenges to his premiership by Tory rebels, if there is a collapse in Conservative support.

Early Friday morning, results will begin to trickle in.

Johnson spoke at Southampton Airport and said: “When you look at the council taxes, the efficiency of Conservative councillors versus Labour councillors, it’s Labour councils that go bankrupt, it’s Conservative councils that deliver better value for money.”

Keir Sterner’s exclusive article is available in its entirety:

My simple belief is that this country should be run by ministers. Ministers should get up every morning and start to think about it. “How can we make things better for working people?”

It’s the least the British people should expect from their government – the bare minimum. But it’s not what we have at the moment.

Take a look at what Boris Johnson’s chums did: they renovated his flat and tried to hide the cost; Owen Paterson was a Tory MP who broke the rule. They also wrote laws that everyone should follow, and then broken them again and again. It is a steady drip of scandal and sleaze.

They have one rule, we have another.

I’ll say nothing of some of the twisted behaviour of recent weeks – except to say at least one Tory MP has done the decent thing and resigned.

It would be shameful if they failed to do their jobs. But during a once in a lifetime cost-of-living crisis, it’s a disgrace.

The price this government is causing to the working people is high. The cost of household bills is skyrocketing. The prices at the petrol pumps and at the check-out are almost unimaginable. Wages aren’t increasing to make up for it.

Incrediblely, Boris Johnson (and Rishi Sunak) have chosen this moment for the benefit of working people by increasing their National Insurance.

It’s the fifteenth tax rise since they took office; high-tax Tories, squeezing you to the pips.

Labour would be very different. For months, we’ve been calling on the Government to give people a break.

This week, BP announced their latest blockbuster profits – £5billion for the first three months of this year, all down to rising oil and gas prices.

At the same time, pensioners are struggling to heat their homes and pay their bills; that’s not right.

It’s why we’d have a one-off tax on the oil and gas giants’ unexpected profits.

Every fair-minded person can see that it’s the right solution – even the oil bosses themselves seem relaxed about it.

Boris Johnson, however, has his head in the sand. He’s had months to see sense and change course. But he hasn’t.

Ever since he was found to have repeatedly broken the lockdown rules he forced the country to follow, he’s had only one aim: to save his own job.

The Tories have spent this election campaign coming up with absurd distractions and deflections – attacking our brilliant deputy leader Angela Rayner simply because she’s a working class woman; throwing smears at me for days and days on end – for having a takeaway and a beer while I was working late at night.

Angela and myself take it as a compliment when we attack them. It’s because they know they’ve got nothing else left.

But the British public shouldn’t have to put up with a government that refuses to take seriously the very real issues facing you and your family: soaring crime and anti-social behaviour that plagues communities across the country; GP waiting times that are getting longer and longer – and, yes, the cost-of-living crisis.

These are the things that matter to me, and I don’t apologize for rambling on about them.

If, like me, you believe Britain deserves so much better than this out-of-touch, out-of-ideas Tory Government, that they need to buck their ideas up or get out, then today vote for a party that’s on your side.

A party that has a plan for getting household bills under control and Britain back on its feet. Vote Labour

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