Keir Starmer claims Boris Johnson is a ‘rotten cultural’ because he calls him ‘desperate’


Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, appeared on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain for a discussion about Monday’s drama in the House of Commons

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Keir Sternmer believes PM has been established ‘rotten culture’

Sir Keir starmer didn’t hold back when he made an appearance Tuesday on Good Morning Britain.

The Labour leader, Ed Balls, spoke to host Susanna Reid via video link about Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After the publication of Sue Gray’s report, the Prime Minister was brought to the Commons Monday. It revealed that 12 events were being investigated by police, including one in his No11 flat.

He was subject to shouts of “resign”Sir Keir, opposition MPs, branded him “a man without shame”His comments on GMB were not much different.

“There was a lot of emotion yesterday,”He told Susanna, Ed that he was accusing the Prime Minister of being a traitor. “distracted”And just trying to “save his own skin”.

Sir Keir went on: “He heads the government, he sets the culture.

“The question that I’ve been asking myself since the allegations about suitcases being wheeled into Downing Street on Prince Philip’s funeral has been: I asked myself, “Would those individuals do that if they believed their boss would accept it?”

“And if they thought they were going to get the sack from their boss Boris Johnson, they would never have done it. The culture of all organisations is set from the top, and he sets the culture and it’s a rotten culture,”He concluded.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub at 6am.

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