Keir Sternmer suggests that Stanley Johnson be investigated by either Tories or criminal authorities’


Labour’s leader stated that the Conservative Party or the criminal authorities should investigate two separate allegations dating back to 2003 and 2019.

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Starmer claims Stanley Johnson allegations ‘should be investigated’

Keir Sternmer suggests today that the Tory party or police should investigate claims made against Boris Johnson’s father Stanley.

Labour leader says the Conservative party “or the criminal authorities”Should look into the allegations about ex-MEP “smacked”In 2003, a Tory friend’s bottom. “groped”In 2019, a journalist

Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson repeatedly refused to answer questions about today’s allegations against his father, 81.

Johnson senior has so far declined to comment. He stated “no, no, no, no”He waved his hand at Sky News reporters before declaring he was sorry. “no recollection of Caroline Nokes at all”.

Sir Keir however stated: “The allegations of sexual assault are serious and must be thoroughly investigated.

“I don’t think at this stage it’s for me to say what should happen as a result.

“But it takes guts and bravery to come forward to make allegations like this.

“They now need to be fully investigated – either by the Conservative Party, or by the criminal authorities.

“But those allegations having been made, there now needs to be an investigation into them.”

It comes after a Tory MP accused Stanley Johnson of “smacking” her bottom and telling her “You’ve got a beautiful seat.”

Caroline Nokes stated that the alleged incident took place at the Tory conference, 2003, when they were both Westminster candidates.

Johnson stated “no, no, no, no”When approached by Sky News reporters, he waved his hands before stating that he had. “no recollection of Caroline Nokes at all”.

Ailbhe Ra, a New Statesman journalist later tweeted another allegation. “Stanley Johnson also groped me at a party at Conservative conference in 2019.”The Mirror reached out Mr Johnson to discuss both allegations.

The PM’s official spokesperson refused to answer questions about the allegations or whether Boris Johnson was concerned.

The spokesperson refused to comment on whether or not he believes all these allegations should be investigated, whether Ms Nokes has spoken to the PM, and whether his father is making him embarrassed.

“It’s effectively about a private individual, it wouldn’t be one for me,” the spokesman said, despite the fact Stanley Johnson stood for Westminster and was a Member of the European Parliament in the 1980s.

“I haven’t spoken to the Prime Minister about this, it wouldn’t be one for me.

“I can point you to what [Security Minister] Damian Hinds said this morning about the importance of women and girls being free from harassment and the action the government is taking on that.”

Ms. Nokes was a candidate in Romsey North, which she won at the 2010 election. She has held the seat ever since.

Nokes waived her anonymity and claimed during a panel discussion about Sky News: “I can remember a really prominent man, at the time the Conservative candidate for Teignbridge in Devon, smacking me on the backside about as hard as he could and going ‘oh Romsey, you’ve got a lovely seat’.”

Ms Nokes continued: “I would have been in my early 30s so old enough, old enough to call it out.”

She shared her story with the program “I didn’t do anything, and I feel ashamed by that.”

She was told by the other MPs “you shouldn’t feel ashamed”And “you were just shocked in the moment”.

She indicated that now it is an “absolute duty” to call it out as women shouldn’t have to put up with it, adding that it is necessary to be the “noisy, aggravating, aggressive woman in the room”Because if she doesn’t take a stand, her daughter will follow suit.

Stanley Johnson told Sky News that he didn’t remember Ms Nokes at all.

He said: ”I have no recollection of Caroline Nokes at all but there you go. And no reply… Hey ho, good luck and thanks.”