Kelli Giddish: How Kelli’s Exit Will Impact Rollins and Carisi Relationships


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will say goodbye to one of their own during the Season 24 fall finale next week. Kelli Giddish will make her final regular appearance as Det. Amanda Rollins in the Thursday, Dec. 8 episode. Her shocking departure will forever alter the lives of her colleagues and her boyfriend, Assistant District Angestor Dominick “Sonny”Peter Scanavino plays Carisi.

The first half of the season has been about setting up Rollins’ departure. During the season premiere crossover special with Law & Order Law & Order: Organized CrimeRollins was hit in the abdomen. It has been a difficult recovery for Rollins. Carisi showed her another way to spend her life. Carisi invited her to teach a class in forensic science, which may have given Carisi the teaching bug.

Rollins must get approval from her mentor and friend Capt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). Benson “has encouraged Rollins to open up more in life, emotionally speaking,” showrunner David Graziano told TV Insider Thursday. “The sad part is that as Rollins has become more in touch with her emotions and her process for healing where’s she ready to stand on her two feet, she’s also ready [to] move on,” Graziano continued. “For Benson, the tragedy of helping Rollins on this journey, of course, is having to let go.”Graziano teased that Rollins and Benson had more quality time before Giddish leaves.

Fans were worried that Rollins’ departure would bring about tragedy since it comes so soon after Carisi started to date Rollins. “Rollisi.”It is, however, not as promised. Giddish will conclude its final episode with the two. “stronger than ever,” co-showrunner Julie Martin teased. Could that be a hint at wedding bells The fans will have to wait and see.

“Rollins brought heart, supreme competence, and a sense of humor,”Martin spoke of his beloved character. “She’ll be missed in the squad room but will still be in their lives.”

Giddish could return, as Rollins will not be killed off. This is a Dick Wolf production, and the super-producer has a reputation for bringing back actors. “Kelli is a bright light on set, a star on and off the screen,”Martin saidTV Insider. “Hopes are Kelli will continue in the Dick Wolf universe,” Graziano added.

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