Kelli Giddish’s SVU Exit is set for the ‘Law & Order Crossover Event’


The Law & OrderUniverse returned on Thursday for a three hour event, welcoming in three seasons of television and one crossover story. Although it was only the beginning of the episode, Kelli Giddish may have been forced to leave SVU.

TV InsiderGiddish’s Amanda Rollins was put in the center of the storyline. Keep spoilers to a minimumYou should see all three premieres, if you are interested in the detailed plot details.

Rollins, literally, is in the fire at the end of the third minute due to the explosive event. Rollins and the witness, along with another detective, leave a safe place to meet a key witness in a case that involves Russia’s president.

The witness runs away after the three men opened fire on them. Rollins attempts following but is ultimately shot. Rollins is not able to fire the final bullet, so the other detective saves him.

Rollins was still shot, and her concern is now the main focus as she is rushed into the hospital. Benson arrives first to ask if Rollins is still breathing, while the other detective shares some troubling details. “There was a lot of blood. I tried to stop the bleeding. She was alive when she left,”The detective stated.

Peter Scanavino plays Rollins’ former romantic partner, the current ADA Sonny Carisi. He then arrives and allows his emotions to take control a little. Benson shares some of her knowledge but has high praise for Rollins. “Amanda is a very strong woman, and if anyone can survive a gunshot wound, we both know she can,”As he heads for the hospital, she tells him.

The detective, who was injured in the accident, is fine but needed surgery when she arrived at hospital. Rollins is seen alive and well as she recovers while Carisi arrives.

While none of these are a sure path Giddish will take to exit the franchise, it is certain that she will be following them. Rollins might be looking for a new career. This is evident from her relationship with the show, the dangers involved in the job, as well as the increasing nature of the shows. It should be a fascinating season. Law & Order NBC’s schedule for Thursdays is kept on hold and commences at 8 p.m. ET, with SVUAnd Organized CrimeThe following will be held at 9 p.m. & 10 p.m.

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