Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Furious At Gwen Stefani’s Takeover of Her Spot On “The Voice,” Anonymous Source Says


It is Kelly ClarksonFurious about Gwen Stefani‘s return to The Voice? One tabloid claims the talk show host is fuming over Stefani taking her seat. Here’s what we know about the artists’ alleged feud.

Gwen Stefani ‘Burns’Kelly Clarkson with Return

The most recent edition of In Touch reports Kelly Clarkson wasn’t happy to hear that Gwen Stefani would be taking her seat on The Voice. “Kelly is out, and Gwen is back in, and that burns Kelly,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “Kelly famously feuded with Blake [Shelton] on the show, so the fact that his wife, Gwen, is taking Kelly’s seat… well, she’s not happy about it. But Gwen has made it no secret that she’s wanted back on the show, so she’s thrilled.”

But sources say we shouldn’t rule out seeing Clarkson and Stefani go head-to-head on the show in the future. Clarkson could return to the show in future seasons to slap Stefani. “If she does [return] and Gwen stays on as a coach… expect fireworks!”The snitch is over.

Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson are in a fight?

This story is too full of red flags for me to take seriously. First of all, the outlet’s claim that Clarkson ever feuded with Shelton is completely false. While the two always had fun going head-to-head on their competition show, that doesn’t mean that they dislike each other. They seem to be good friends in real-life.

Clarkson, Stefani can also be said to have done the same. While the tabloid seems to believe Clarkson and Stefani have never worked together in real life, they were actually coaches for two different seasons. The Voice. Stefani claimed that Clarkson inspired her to write new music in 2020 after she had text conversations with her.

But we also need to correct this magazine’s claim that Stefani is replacing Clarkson. While she hasn’t publicly given a reason for her departure from The Voice, it isn’t hard to guess why Clarkson left the show. Clarkson began hosting the show earlier this year. American Song Contest with Snoop Dogg, and she’s in the process of taking over Ellen DeGeneres’ coveted daytime timeslot. She has her hands full, so it’s no wonder that she decided to opt-out of this season of The Voice.

The Magazine On ‘The Voice’Coaches

We’ve caught In Touch Misinformation spread about stars The Voice Too many times to believe it. In 2020, the magazine falsely reported Stefani was pregnant. The magazine also claimed Blake Shelton had stopped Adam Levine’s return to the show. The magazine also claimed that Stefani and Shelton had a girl. Obviously, Touch isn’t reliable anywhere these artists are concerned.

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