Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Keeping Track Of Ex-Husband’s Dating Life And Finances Amid Messy Split, Anonymous Source Says


It is Kelly ClarksonStalking Brandon Blackstock? One report states that American Idol winner is tracking her ex-husband’s love life and finances. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kelly & Brandon’s Twisted Games’

According to Life & Style, Clarkson is keeping tabs on Blackstock’s every move. While their divorce is finalized, she hasn’t let him go quite yet. “She’s got her informers telling her what’s going on with Brandon—who he’s dating, what he’s spending—and he’s got snitches spying on Kelly, too” a source reveals.

Both are said to be extremely paranoid towards one another. Blackstock recently requested Clarkson through the courts that he turn off security cameras at Montana ranch for the remainder his stay. A source says, “Friends think they just need to move on because this isn’t good for anybody.”

Kelly Clarkson is Moving On

This story misses the essence of the story. It’s not “their” Montana Ranch. It is Kelly Clarkson’s after all, as she won it in the divorce. Blackstock may rent it out at a higher price during the month. It’s kind of hard to move on when an ex is still living in your house.

This is the end of this chapter, unless Blackstock does any more funny business. It’s true that Blackstock asked for security cameras to be turned off, but court documents did not Please specify the reason he asked. The story fails to mention that every camera was located on the exterior of property and not inside.

Life & StyleClarkson was desperate to stalk Blackstock, so he took the nugget of truth, namely, the camera problem, and made it into a story. All Clarkson’s wanted to do For years, it has been time to move on. A source said that after her divorce, she was finally married. People, “Kelly is obviously happy to have the divorce finalized … She truly is able to begin the next chapter of her life with her kids, and she’s also busier than ever with her career. She’s in a great place.”

Gossip Cop doesn’t doubt this for a second. Even by Hollywood standards this was a hard divorce. It’s preposterous to suggest Clarkson has hired “informers” to track Blackstock’s every move. This is just hooey, without any evidence other than unrelated temporary court orders.

Clarkson Bashing is Constant

Clarkson was stressing over her divorce a year ago, this crummy outlet said. It was a clear attack on Clarkson’s body. Life & StyleClarkson regretted the divorce, was the cover story. Obviously, that was not true, or they wouldn’t have dragged it out in court for another two years.

We’ve also seen numerous stories about Clarkson getting revenge on Blackstock by evicting him from a ranch he wasn’t really allowed to live at. It’s very strange why this tabloid would rush to Blackstock’s side in all of this. Clarkson cannot be without Blackstock, as he is the father of her kids. Once June rolls around, however, he’ll leave Montana and that will no doubt make it easier.