Kelly Clarkson Allegedly ‘Overwhelmed’ By Stress, Dubious Source Claims


Is it? Kelly ClarksonIs she struggling to keep her ducks in order? According to one tabloid, American IdolTalk-show host and winner, she is overwhelmed by her busy personal life and demanding work schedule. Here is the latest gossip regarding one of Hollywood’s most busy women.

Kelly Clarkson ‘Taking On Too Much’?

The most recent edition Us Weekly Kelly Clarkson could be spreading herself too thin, according to reports. Clarkson has many hats. As a mother of her two children and a talk-show host, Clarkson can do it all. Clarkson has also taken on yet another hosting gig. American Song ContestSnoop Dogg. Now, friends of the singer are apparently worried she’s taking on too much.

“She works just a staggering amount of hours per week,”An insider tells us. Of course, Clarkson’s NBC deal is worth a reported $20 million a year, so she is definitely getting her piece of the pie. But those close to Clarkson don’t want her to bite off more than she can chew. “She’s also feeling the pressure as she takes over Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime slot… alarm bells are going off,”The tipper concludes.

Kelly Clarkson sets off ‘Alarm Bells’?

There is absolutely no reason for us to doubt Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson has gone from one of pop music’s biggest names to coaching on The VoiceShe has become a well-known talk-show host. Clarkson was juggling a messy divorce with Brandon Blackstock, while raising her sons. We have to be honest, we’re not sure how she does it. But, amazingly, it doesn’t seem like Clarkson ever loses her cool.

The tabloid does not mention that this type of work schedule exists. isn’t exactly new for Clarkson. The last season, the singer was a coach for The VoiceWhile simultaneously hosting her talk show. It seems that the American Song Contest isn’t going to overlap with her Voice schedule, so we’re not sure much has changed for Clarkson in terms of workload.

Clarkson is sure to be there if Clarkson was struggling to keep her head abovewater. her About it, not a tabloid. We have absolutely no reason to buy this outlet’s story. And that’s not only because of a complete lack of evidence to back it up, but also the sheer unlikelihood that these “insiders”Kelly Clarkson: A little bit of trivia.

Kelly Clarkson: The Tabloids

This is far from the first tabloid to accuse Clarkson of taking on too much, and we’ve assured fans time and time again that Clarkson is doing just fine. The Clarkson family was awarded the Best of British Awards for last year. National Enquirer Clarkson was stressed out by her divorce. Clarkson was also accused by that tabloid. “chugging wine”Out of stress. Then, OK! Clarkson was alleged to have been “breaking down”Near rock bottom. Finally, Life & Style Clarkson reported that she was gaining dangerous amounts of weight. Clearly, this isn’t a new narrative for the tabloids.

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