Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Preparing to Quit ‘The Voice’Between Work Stresses and Divorce


It is Kelly Clarkson quitting The Voice? One report believes she’s eager to leave California because of her messy divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Kelly Leaving Hollywood?’

According to OK!Clarkson has gotten fed up with show business. She’s apparently through with the spotlight and doesn’t care to return for another season of The Voice. A friend said the “Breakaway” singer “has been working nonstop and is at her wit’s end.”

Clarkson has never been treated with respect by Hollywood. With Blackstock still holed up on the Montana ranch, she’s is looking for somewhere up north. “Kelly has always loved the scenic coast of Northern California and has been looking at property around Carmel, where she’s already met a ton of people,””The friend said. Carmel would make a wonderful escape.

There’s A Huge Problem Here

It looks like OK!Kelly Clarkson did not do any research before publishing the bogus story. Kelly Clarkson is more than a celebrity. The VoiceShe is a well-known daytime talker, however. The Kelly Clarkson ShowMany will be taken over by it EllenThe fall edition of timeslots. The show has been Renewable through 2023, so Clarkson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Voice is a happy place for Clarkson as well, and there’s no sign that she wants out. She won season 21It appears that the series is on track to return for season 22. Since NBC canceled the biannual plans, the hit series won’t be back until the fall. This is just another indication that Clarkson will still be around for quite some time.

This story’s entire premise is weak. Clarkson is supposed to have a close friend who knows her inner turmoil. Real friends don’t ever talk to tabloids. Clarkson has chosen to stay in Hollywood through her entire divorce process, so why would she suddenly move now that it’s coming to an end?

Bad Kelly Clarkson Takes

OK!Kelly Clarkson is often treated badly and her appearance is frequently criticized. In August, the company announced that Kelly Clarkson had reached rock bottom. It was after her stories of eating too much and having plastic surgery. These stories sound more like attacks than real stories.

Clarkson never had to have plastic surgery. Clarkson is now thriving, despite being criticized by the tabloid. This story is impossible because Clarkson has two more years of professional commitments in Hollywood.

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