Kelly Clarkson Allegedly Struggling With ‘Custody Nightmare,’ Latest Gossip Says


It is Kelly Clarkson‘s ex-husband putting her through the wringer? One tabloid claims Brandon Blackstock is demanding more money from Clarkson in the form of child support payments. Let’s take a closer look at the couple’s “nightmare” custody battle.

Kelly Clarkson Leaves ‘The Voice’To Keep Custody

Per the GlobeKelly Clarkson has resigned her seat at the top of the heap. The Voice Brandon Blackstock should not blast her as a sexy jerk “bad mom”During their custody hearings. “It cut Kelly to the bone leaving The Voice, but she says there is no way she was going to give Brandon more ammo to use against her in court!”Insider charges “She felt she needed to make a drastic decision to show where her priorities really are!” And sources insist Blackstock, who is under orders to vacate his and Clarkson’s Montana ranch by June 1, was planning to milk Clarkson for more money.

“[Blackstock] is still hoping he can mount a court case to compel Kelly to buy him a new place where he can live and entertain the kids,”Clarkson is a snitch whisperer. Clarkson managed to dodge that bullet and left The Voice. “Kelly admits she’s wearing too many hats to be the mother she wants to be,”The tipster will explain. “But giving up the show that made her a bigger star than ever sends the clear message she’s serious about it.”

Kelly Clarkson Sending ‘Clear Message’How do you keep the kids happy?

There’s a painful lack of context in this story. Kelly Clarkson had many reasons to leave. The Voice Other than maintaining custody of her children, First, her last stint was on The Voice, Clarkson started co-hosting Great American Song ContestSnoop Dogg. So, you could say that Clarkson isn’t actually working any less now, but rather the same amount. Furthermore, Clarkson’s daytime talk show is only increasing in popularity. The host is gearing up to take over Ellen Degeneres’ time slotThis increased the show’s visibility. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to put even more focus on the program.

So, without even bringing her kids into it, that’s already plenty of reason to scale back in other areas of her professional life. But, of course, we’re sure Clarkson wants to maximize the amount of time she has for her kids. She doesn’t need the fear of losing custody hanging over her to want to spend time with her children, and it’s just offensive to suggest it.

It is important to mention that there is no evidence suggesting Blackstock is attempting to get more money or sole custody. He and Clarkson already agreed she’d have primary custody of their children, and he’s able to have them one weekend a month. We doubt they’re rushing right back into court This agreement was hammered out after only a few minutes. Obviously, the outlet desperately wanted to make Clarkson’s exit from The Voice Also, it could be about her dramatic split from Blackstock. But, from what we can tell, they aren’t directly related at all.

The Magazine On Kelly Clarkson

We’re immediately skeptical of anything the Globe Clarkson writes. Clarkson is reported to have alienated friends last year by the outlet. “nasty habits.”The magazine then claimed that Clarkson was angry at Blackstock for keeping Blackstock’s belongings in her house. Clarkson was also alleged to have been a criminal. “near-breakdown”During her divorce. Evidently, she was divorcing. Globe isn’t reliable anywhere Clarkson is concerned.

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