Kelly Clarkson is enjoying summer for the first time since she was 16


Kelly Clarkson is always on the go, whether it’s recording albums, hosting her hit talk show, or writing children’s books. However, this summer, Clarkson decided to do something she hadn’t done in years: take the summer off!

Why Clarkson Takes the Summer Off

In her final episode of The Kelly Clarkson ShowBefore the summer hiatus Clarkson spoke to Faith Hill, a guest, “I’m taking the summer off, I am very excited, it’s my first summer off since I was like sixteen.”

She continued: “The first time since I’m 16 years old, I am taking my summer off. And it’s one of those things, I feel bad because things come up, but at some point, you know, you’ve just got to be able to, like, set the dates and say nothing will interfere with this time.”

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“Because it’s precious, and especially for a single, working mom, like, it’s exhausting, like you go to work and you come home. You’re constantly on, like, doing something, and it’s nice, you know?”Clarkson concluded. 

Clarkson revealed recently that she won’t be returning as a judge. The VoiceThis frees up her schedule even more. With all her other projects, from her hit talk show to an untitled tenth studio album, it’s no surprise the singer decided to step back from the singing competition show. 

Her Separation from Former Manager and Ex-Husband

The talk show host’s summer off will include plenty of time with her children River, 8, and Remington, 6. Brandon Blackstock, her ex-husband, shares both of their children. They were married in 2013, and Blackstock was her manager. 

Clarkson filed for divorce in 2020 citing irreconcilable difference. She was given primary custody of their children. In July 2021, the singer filed for legal separation. The couple split in August 2021. 

Clarkson and Blackstock are still fighting it out in court

The relationship between the two has been rocky. Blackstock denied that Clarkson is entitled to any money his company earned while working with Clarkson. Clarkson also has to pay her ex $195 601 in child support each month. The Montana ranch is still at the heart of their dispute. Clarkson wants it to be sold, while Blackstock wants it to remain his primary residence.

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She was very open about her split with Blackstock. While appearing on Brooke Reese hosts The Chart ShowClarkson shared, “Everybody knows the huge divorce I went through and it’s been like two years and not easy with kids.”

Clarkson is still working out the financial details of her split with Blackstock. However, her fans are pleased to hear that she is taking some time off to relax and enjoy her children. 

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