Kelly Clarkson was joined by some very special guests at her Walk Of Fame ceremony


Kelly Clarkson is one of Hollywood’s most busy people for many years. The talk show host and singer was honored recently with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Several very special people from her past also attended the ceremony and helped celebrate: the original three judges. American Idol!

The Original Three ‘American Idol’Judges

The judges—Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul—were the original line-up for the singing competition show. They were on the same show for eight seasons. But one after another, they left. American Idol: Abdul after eight seasons, Cowell after nine seasons, and Jackson after twelve. 

Clarkson was also helped by Jackson, Cowell, and Abdul. The first season of the show was won by Clarkson. American IdolAnd she has been nominated for Grammys, appeared in movies, and now hosts her own talk show on daytime. 

Abdul Changed Her Flight to Make the Ceremony: ‘I Wouldn’t Miss It For The World’

“I’m so proud to be here, honored,” Abdul spoke during her speech at ceremony. “I changed my flight just so I could be here. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Kelly—not only the trajectory of your life has changed, but you helped change the trajectory of everyone’s lives.”

She continued: “If anyone can ever say, in your wildest dreams, ‘Did you ever think you’d be part of a show that just changed the world?,’ I’d be a liar if I said yes. But you’re living proof every day, and I’m the one that would force myself to talk to her and corner her in the elevator. ‘Where did you get your training from? You’re an opera singer, I can tell.’ But I love you.”

Clarkson celebrates its 20th anniversary ‘American Idol’ Win: ‘It Forever Changed The Course Of My Life’

Clarkson recently also reflected on her experience working with Clarkson American Idol. She celebrated her 20th anniversary with a touching Instagram post on September 4. “20 years ago today I won American Idol and it forever changed the course of my life,”The song was written by the singer.

“The family and friendships I have created over these 20 years in music and TV are priceless to me,” Clarkson continued. Of course, the singer was also joined by two even more special guests—her kids. Clarkson’s daughter, River Rose, and son, Remington Alexander, supported their mom at her ceremony. Adding to the heartwarming guest list was a host of the musician’s longtime collaborators: Guitarist Jaco Caraco, drummer Lester Estelle, vocal director Jessi Collins, and producer Jason Halbert all cheered Clarkson on at the ceremony.

Kelly Clarkson is honored to have a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. This honor celebrates her achievements. The distinction of being awarded the American Idol It was a special moment for her because she had so many judges right from her beginning.

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