Kelly Clarkson’s First Red Carpet Look Is About As 2002 As It Gets


Kelly Clarkson’s career has come a long way since she won the very first ever season of American Idol. Clarkson has gone on to release several wildly successful albums, made a name for herself as a coach on The Voice, not to mention her incredibly popular talk show. The mom-of-two had a while to develop her current sense of style, so her red carpet looks today are vastly different from how they used to be.

Kelly Clarkson’s Evolving Red Carpet Style

Nowadays, Kelly Clarkson can typically be seen wearing long, dramatic designer dresses when she walks the red carpet, but that wasn’t always the case for Clarkson. She came from humble beginnings but, thanks to her incredible talent and warm, inviting personality, her career has grown in leaps and bounds. 

A Difficult Time In Clarkson’s Personal Life

Despite the hardships from the last few years, including an ongoing and complicated divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson has continued to further her career in new ways. Her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, might be one of the newest kids on the block, but audiences can’t get enough of Clarkson’s homey charm and amusing outlook on life. 

Her recent personal difficulties have only increased the bond between Clarkson and her audience. Many of her fans were touched by Clarkson’s real reactions to the recent changes in her life, like when she admitted that the holidays were hard on her following her divorce. 

“The holidays come with a whole range of emotions,” Clarkson explained during her 2021 Christmas special. “I’m gonna be real with y’all, when I wrote this next song, I was crying my face off, which happens even at Christmastime, everyone. I had just put my kids to bed and I was just going through it, having a really hard time, and it’s been a really tough year for a lot of us.”

She added, “And I wrote this song for me, but also because there aren’t many holiday songs for people feeling alone or lost or just plain sad other than Dolly Parton’s classic ‘Hard Candy Christmas,’ which we all love.”

Clarkson’s First Red Carpet Is Strikingly Diffferent

None of that turmoil is present in Kelly Clarkson’s very first red carpet appearance. Fresh off her American Idol win, Clarkson’s hair isn’t the shining blonde we’ve come to know and love. Instead, she’s rocking her brunette roots and the popular-at-the-time chunky blonde highlights. 

Back then, Clarkson eschewed designer frocks and instead wore a white blouse with a deep V-neck and a pair of flared jeans. On her feet, a pair of strappy heels can be seen peeking out beneath the bottom of her pants. As for accessories, she has a bold metallic choker and a long, black beaded necklace that reaches all the way to her belly button. Clarkson’s red carpet style has certainly undergone quite a change, but her smile, we’re pleased to report, is still exactly the same. 

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