Kelly, Matt Stafford’s wife is a brain tumor survivor.


Matt StaffordHe is the Los Angeles Rams’ quarterback, winning numerous awards and setting new records for his football skills. However, many don’t know about his personal life, including wife Kelly and their four daughters. So who are you? Kelly Stafford?

Surviving a Brain Tumor

They met at Georgia University, where Kelly was a cheerleader while Matt played football. They’ve been together ever since, tying the knot in 2015. Kelly and Matt share four children: twins Chandler & Sawyer, Hunter and Tyler. 

Despite their seemingly fairy tale life, it hasn’t all been easy for the couple. Kelly revealed that she had a tumor in her brain and would need surgery. Kelly had been experiencing severe vertigo and decided to have an MRI. A scan revealed that she had a benign tumor in her cranial nerves. 

Kelly had to learn to walk again after her operation. Kelly also had difficulty hearing loud noises due to partial damage in her one ear. In October 2019, ESPN essay she wroteShe said, “It has gotten a lot better lately, but I still have some bad days.”

Kelly also wrote praises for her husband “Matthew was incredible during the whole process. He was literally by my side at every step. I had exercises I needed to do — some of them were seemingly simple, like shaking my head left and right, and Matthew helped me through all of it.”

Since then, she has made a complete recovery. In 2021 she shared an Instagram throwback of her recovery from the surgery. “Today celebrating the clean 2 year scan and all the new adventures my family and I are going to have in this next year!”She captioned the post. 

Kelly’s Podcast and ‘Pretzel-Gate’

Kelly is a mother and has her own podcast. “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford.” On the show, she discusses her and Matthew’s personal life and addresses some of her own controversies. 

Kelly received heat in 2021 for throwing a piece a soft pretzel at an opponent fan at the Rams-49ers match. Kelly apologised for her actions and said that she was sorry. “zero excuse,”But she also explained why she feels more emotional during game days. 

“Listen, football and going to games, it’s fun, and in the end too, both sides need to be held accountable for what they do, and for my family and myself, this isn’t just a fun Sunday or a fun Monday, this is my husband’s livelihood, our family’s livelihood,”She said. 

“This is also nerve-wracking because anything can happen at any given moment on that field, which terrifies me,”She continued. “My anxiety is always high and so when I’m getting heckled at, or when I’m hearing all these things, yeah, I lose my cool and I did.”

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