Kelly Reilly Allegedly in a Fight With ‘Yellowstone’ Co-Star Over ‘Attention-Grabbing Antics’Show Gossip Claims Before Season 5


It is Kelly ReillyDusting off the set Yellowstone? One report says she’s feuding for the spotlight with another cast member in a bid for attention. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kelly Reilly ‘Riding Brawl In The Saddle’

According to the GlobeReilly is fed up with Jen Landon, her co-star. A source says, “Ever since Jen joined the show last season, the atmosphere has been tinged with jealousy.” Reilly supposedly isn’t a fan of the looks Landon attracts from the men on set and finds her social media flaunting pathetic.

“Kelly’s threatened by Jen’s rising star,”The source explained. Landon seems to be aware of the beef, but he just takes it as bitterness. Landon’s father is Little House On The PrarieMichael Landon is a star, something she often mentions on set. Source: “Jen’s inspired by her dad every day to do her best work and if Kelly can’t take the heat, then she should get out of the kitchen!”

Famous Last Words

In all caps, these are the last words of this story “ME-OUCH!”Consider this for a moment: Does legitimate news reporting end in a regressive fight? It’s embarrassing. SeinfeldThis exact thing was lampooned decades ago. Kramer couldn’t take a legitimate threat on Elaine’s life seriously because he was blinded by the mere idea of a catight.

However, the story is simply stupid. It makes Landon out to be a name dropping hussy, but that’s far from the truth. If you actually check her Instagram, it’s mostly just photos of her dog and family. Why Reilly is supposed to be upset by this is anyone’s guess.

Landon and Reilly are good friends. Reilly is a friend. She complimented her costar in Instagram comments and hasn’t uttered a negative word about her in public. The Globe is just trying to stoke a rivalry where there isn’t any. All is well with the set YellowstoneThis is the which It seems like filming has just begunThis is a completely false story.

Yellowstone Not the First Time It Was Discovered

The result is not always what you expect. GlobeYou can’t find a negative angle to stick with Yellowstone. It was the largest single-year claimant in last year’s. YellowstoneDangerous incidents on the set put her in danger. This story was simply to capitalize on the Rust fatality. It was never realized, and it’s not even mentioned here.

The series has also been targeted by other tabloids. Star claimed Kevin Costner was ready to quit in 2020, but he’s still on the series to this day. The National EnquirerFaith Hill and Tim McGraw tried to cause a rift over spin-off series. 1883, but it didn’t have a shred of evidence to back it up. The GlobeThis is just a lame rag trying desperately to hold on to its sexist rhetoric with all it can muster. Don’t pay it any mind.

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