Kelly Ripa admits to the Reason she Started Using Instagram for Thirst Traps


Kelly Ripa was forced to bring her Instagram A-game for Madonna. TheLive with Kelly and RyanThe 52-year old co-host opened up during an appearance at the show about Mark Consuelos’ famous social media thirst traps. Everything Iconic Podcast with Danny Pellegrino

Ripa said that she was able to follow the social media accounts of the after following them on Twitter. “Material Girl”She knew that she needed to post more to attract her attention as a singer. “That happened to me when Madonna followed me and Isaac Boots told me. He’s like, ‘Oh my god. Madonna followed you and I was like, ‘What? What? What?!’ and I immediately sort of changed everything I posted,”Pellegrino was informed by her. “I started posting only shirtless photos of Mark because I was like, ‘Madonna doesn’t want to see my kids. She wants to see eye candy.'”

Ripa joked that she had changed her social media strategy. “dark-sided,” adding, “My thought bubbles of Madonna following me and me feeding her something was like, forget anybody else. I was playing to an audience of one for a while.”TheLive Wire: Short Stories of Long-Winded InterestAuthor Riverdale star celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in May and share three kids together – sons Michael, 25, and Joaquin, 19, and daughter Lola, 21.

 It seems like Consuelos has passed on his thirst-trapping ways to his eldest son, as Michael was included in PEOPLE’s2022 Sexiest Man Alive magazine features a segment on famous sexy children of celebrities. “You would think he would tell us so we would pick up a couple of copies for the grandparents,”Ripa laughed about her son being included last week on Live with Kelly and Ryan

“First of all, it’s funny, I forget that they look alike until I see photos of them like that,”She also spoke out about the comparison of Michael and his father in the publication. “Michael Conseulos, I always considered you just a handsome lovely fellow. Conscious, hard-working, diligent, respectful,”Ripa continued to address her son directly. “I had no idea you were considered ‘sexy.’ I always found his father to be sexy.”

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