Kelly Ripa Presented A Remarkable Case for Wearing Silk PJs in Fashionable Outfits


Who says fashion shouldn’t be comfortable? Kelly Ripa wore what is certain to be comfortable when she stepped out recently Looks It was like wearing a pair pajamas. She looked incredible doing it. Is this a new trend?

Kelly Ripa Shows Us How to Dress Up Your Sleepwear

Kelly Ripa recently made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Andy Cohen, and for the special occasion, Ripa brought “business casual”To a whole new level. The Live He wore a silk button-down and matching trousers. The swirling marbled pattern of the material was featured on the flowing top, which had a bold lining and large collar.

Ripa paired the marbled set with matching pendant necklaces and golden open-toe shoes. Ripa wore her trademark blonde hair parted down the middle, and settled on subtle makeup with rose-gold eyes.

It looks like Ripa was wearing a full silk pajama ensemble. However, the Fendi silk set actually wasn’t designed as sleepwear. You can tell from the button and subtle pleat on the trousers that this is definitely still daywear, though it’s distinctly inspired by your favorite silk sleep set.

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While Ripa’s silk set was initially featured in Fendi’s 2021 winter collection, here’s hoping this trend gets even more attention this winter. Slip dresses have once again made their return to daywear, so here’s our bid to bring their warmer cousin out into the sunlight as well.

Seriously, what’s more comfortable and luxurious than a silk sleep set? It has all of the broad strokes of a pantsuit, but you won’t be in a rush to change out of it once you get back home. You can dress up your silk sleep set by dressing it up. Just pair it with the right accessories and footwear and you’ll be good to go. Be the next fashion trend in fashion.

Kelly Ripa Joins the Press Tour to Promote New Book

Ripa stopped by the TV show partly to speak to Andy Cohen. Partly to promote her latest book Live Wire This book hit shelves September 27th. The book contains many interesting features. “long-winded short stories” from Ripa’s life and is already a New York Times bestseller.

Ripa’s new book is being praised for its witty and honest writing, and we’d expect no less from the Live host. Ripa has been on a book tour since late September, so hopefully, we’ll get another chicly comfortable look soon.

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