Kelly Ripa’s reaction to learning that her son is one of the’sexiest men alive’


Internet has been abuzz with discussion People’s latest Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Evans, but Kelly Ripa is focused on another guy on the magazine’s list: her son Michael Consuelos. 

Michael Consuelos Is One Of ‘Gen Next Sexiest Men’

In a recent episode Live with Kelly & RyanRipa and Ryan Seacrest, Ripa’s co-host, went through the most recent issue. They discussed Evans’ new title of Sexiest Man Alive, and then Seacrest brought up another man that was listed in the magazine. 

“I see this page, ‘Gen Next,’”He began. “Then I stumbled across this.” He held up the magazine to show a photo of Ripa’s son Michael posing shirtless with a blazer on. His father, actor Mark Consuelos (24 years old), is shown next to his photograph. 

Kelly Ripa’s Reaction: ‘Are You Kidding Me?”

“Michael is one of the sexiest people alive,” Seacrest marveled. Ripa was just as stunned. “Are you kidding me? Give me this,”She said that she took the magazine from her host and put on her glasses to examine the photo. 

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Seacrest joked, “Now, he’s taking after his father, there’s no shirt.” Ripa was still reading the magazine; apparently, Michael didn’t clue his family in on the fact that he would be featured in the magazine. 

“You would think he would tell us,”She said this while still reading the magazine article about her son. “So we could pick up a couple of copies for the grandparents.”Seacrest continued to make fun of the fact that Michael was wearing no shirt and a blazer until Ripa was finished reading.

Ripa Jokes ‘I Always Found His Father To Be Sexy’

“What’d you find?”Ripa asked him. She answered, “First of all, it’s funny, I forget they look alike until I see photos of them like that,”Pointing to the side by side photos of her husband and her son. Seacrest and she continued to laugh about the magazine article.

“‘Michael respects his father’s work ethic,’”She read aloud and then looked confused. “He worked one day last week.”Next, she addressed Michael and said: “I always considered you just, like, a handsome, lovely fellow; conscientious, hard-working, diligent, respectful. I had no idea you were considered sexy.”

Seacrest claimed, “Something to be proud of.”Ripa replied with another joke “Well, I always found his father to be sexy.”Consuelos and Consuelos are married since 1996. They have three children, Michael, Lola and Joaquin. Based on Michael’s spot on People’s Sexiest Men Alive list, it looks like the up-and-coming actor is set to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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