Kenan Thompson Teases What To Expect From “Kenan” Season 2 (Exclusive).


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The star of the NBC sitcom is Kenan Thompson Kenanwhich aired from February to March. The show’s first season, with 10 episodes, was so popular that it was canceled. Renew for a second season. recently spoke with Thompson about Season 1, and gave some teasers about Season 2. 

“I loved it,”Thompson spoke to PopCulture. “I mean, it’s been a long time coming just even on this idea alone. We’ve redeveloped it and been working on it for a couple years before we even got to Season 1. So the fact that it was able to happen and we did it in the middle of a pandemic and got through it, it was just a lot of feat behind the scenes, and in front of the camera, I thought was really, really adorable, and funny, and sweet, and a real firm foundation to start with, and I think you’ll see that in Season 2 because I think we hit the ground running, and we’re kind of done explaining what the world is, and we’re just diving into stories, and storylines, and more jokes.  

“I don’t really know. I’m very excited. I am hearing wonderful things about the first two cuts, and many people seem to be happy with them. It’s my baby, so I’m happy about it.” Kenan is a single-camera comedy that follows Keanan Williams (Thompson), a widowed dad who’s trying to balance a high-profile job as the host of an Atlanta morning show while raising two girls. He is trying to reclaim his life after his wife’s death a receives help from his father-in-law (Don Johnson).

Season 2 got the green light in April. But when will the new season air? “I don’t know.” Thompson replied. “It’s possible that there are several plans. So I’m still waiting for the official word. But, I recommend following the Instagram as I’ll be updating you.” When Season 2 of Kenan does premiere, he’s confident that fans will not be disappointed. 

“We have an amazing cast. The more we can showcase their talents, which is what is happening in Season 2, the better. It’s something I look forward to hearing about. All 10 episodes KenanSeason 1 is streaming on Peacock. 

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