Kenan Thompson’s Move Away From ‘Saturday Night Live’According to Sketchy Source, Shocking Divorce Allegedly Caused


Did Kenan Thompson Choose his career over his spouse Christina Evangeline? One tabloid claims Thompson’s efforts to launch his solo career put immense strain on his marriage. Let’s take a look at the couple’s shocking split.

Kenan Thompson Chose ‘Fame Over Family’?

Reports recently started circulating that Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline have split, and she’s preparing to file for divorce. What’s the story? The latest edition Star reports Thompson’s decision to take work outside of Saturday Night Live Thompson was the last nail in the coffin of his marriage. Thompson is the longest-serving member of the cast. SNLHe recently began starring in his sitcom Kenan.

According to sources, his decision in New York City to work on two TV programs, one in Los Angeles and one in New York, caused him irreparable harm in his marriage. “He was burning the candle at both ends doing two shows on opposite coasts, and something had to give,”Insider’s explanation. “Christina isn’t angry or bitter, but she is very sad. It ended up being a career versus family thing, and to her, Kenan made his choice.”

Kenan Thompson’s Sitcom ‘The Final Straw’?

This report’s timing is very interesting to us. What the magazine fails to directly address is that Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline didn’t just now split; sources told TMZ Evangeline and Thompson Separated for more than a year. So, if this tabloid’s alleged “insider” really had such exclusive insight into Thompson’s marriage, why are they just now breaking this news? We are seriously side-eyeing this story because of the timing.

But while we doubt that the magazine is really getting any kind of inside scoop on their relationship, we can’t say what made them decide to go their separate ways. It would have been around last year if they had split. Kenan‘s season 2 renewal. So, like so many other couples, it’s totally possible that Thompson’s busy career put a strain on their marriage. We just can’t say one way or the other what happened between Thompson and Evangeline, but more importantly, neither can the tabloid.

The Tabloid on Another ‘SNL’ Star

Kenan Thompson isn’t the only Saturday Night Live Sweetheart Star He has recklessly gossiped about. According to the outlet, Pete Davidson quit the show last year because of the “toxic” environment. The outlet claimed that Davidson was still on his way to New York, despite his rumored relationship with Kaley Cuoco. Davidson had been reported by the outlet as feuding among the Kardashian family men amid his romance with Kim. Obviously, Star isn’t the most reliable source anywhere these coveted comedians are concerned.

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