Kerry Katona would love to return to rehab to help her be a better person.


Kerry Katona has been in rehab twice before to treat her bipolar disorder and drug addiction, and said it was one of the best decisions she’s made, as it made her feel like a new woman

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Kerry Katona bonds over past traumas with ex-addict fan

Kerry Katona opened up about her addiction struggles, and admitted she would. ‘love’Rehab.

You can find her column here OK!The 41-year old discussed Jack Fincham’s personal life after being filmed inhaling. ‘hippy crack’On a wild night out with friends.

Jack is seen sucking a laughing gas filled black balloon in a video posted online. This was just weeks after he admitted to having struggled with addiction.

Kerry reached out via her column to Jack, and informed the reality star of that “recovery is for the rest of your life”.

She stated that she was able to cut out certain people when she entered rehab. “moved 400miles away”Because she felt that she had to reach these extremes. “get better”.

“You don’t just go into rehab for a month and go straight back to your old life – you have to really reevaluate things,” she wrote, adding that while it’s great to receive help from a professional treatment centre, recovery from addiction is for life.

“I would love to go back to rehab as, for me, it was about reconnecting with my values, I was learning every day,”Kerry also added.

She claimed that her rehab experience made her happier. “constantly trying to be better”She was reading books, too. “connecting with new people”.

Kerry, mum-of-5, expressed concern for Jack (30) and said he “shouldn’t put himself in scenarios and situations where he’s tempted if he’s still struggling”.

Jack posted a series on his Instagram Stories in August about his mental health. He admitted that he was struggling with his mental health. “dark space”Before you decide to seek help.

“To touch on what’s going on, I’m really struggling. Really struggling with anxiety and depression, addiction and I’ve made some good steps today to get help,”He said this as he laughed at his former friends.

“I can’t do it on my own. It’s difficult in this industry of fame. You may be liked by people one minute and they will not the next.

“I’ve had a lot of fake friends come and go, I was surprised when I was in my dark space, all the people who said they would be there, weren’t,”Jack added.

The ex-pen salesman claimed he was speaking out to his fans in an effort help others. He also wanted to be honest about his mental health.

“I feel like I’ve let everyone down. I promise everyone I’ve turned over a new leaf and I want to make everyone proud,”He stated.

Jack was captured earlier in the month partying while exhaling ‘hippy crack’A video taken by Silver Screen Beats.

One clip shows the star holding a canister filled with nitrous oxide while he moves around a room.