Ketchup popsicles are one of 2022’s strangest summer treats


French’s Canadian Ketchup has launched a popsicle flavored with ketchup in celebration of the summer season. This is attracting strong reactions from social media users. The popsicle is called “The French’s”. The “Frenchsicle,”This unusual treat will only be sold at select pop up locations on Thursday. French’s and Happy Pops have teamed up to make the controversial popsicle. Happy Pops, a Canadian company that makes ice pops, uses only natural, gluten free ingredients.

“I love creating innovative treats that appeal to Canada’s diverse tastes,”Leila Kessenjee, Happy Pops founder in a French Press Release. “I started Happy Pops to bring all-natural, handcrafted [flavor] to Canadians, so French’s locally-grown ketchup is a perfect pairing. I can’t wait for people to try this condiment-turned-popsicle.” Trevor Squires — Country Manager, for McCormick & Company, Canada — added, “This year we’re bringing the fun back to summer with the Frenchsicle. It’s exciting to celebrate local food and [flavor]; from the roots of the Frenchsicle, made with 100 [percent] Canadian tomatoes, to our Happy Pops partnership.”Scroll down to read what other social media users have to say about this bizarre popsicle.


“SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is crazy!”One Instagram user commented on Happy Pops’ post about the new treat.


“April Fools Joke”

“Sort of thought this was an April fools joke,”Someone else wrote “but I’ve never tried anything of yours that I didn’t like so they must be great!”!


“Bloody Mary Popsicle”

“I’m sorry I love Heinz ketchup,”Another Instagram user has been added “but this sounds not very good…It’s not popsicle-y?”


“Sounds Terrible”

“I’m going to have to sit this one out,”Popsicle fan offering unimpressed.


“No Thanks”

“Seems like a great April Fools idea. Not sure if my nieces would trust me again if I gave them one,” someone quipped.


“So Intrigued”

“I’m so intrigued! The rest of your popsicles are delish so I’m sure this is no different,”A Happy Pops and French’s fan expressed interest.


At Home Recipe

This is so crazy it’s amazing,”One last thing.


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