Kevin Ashton Bully and Brutal Killer Found Guilty Of Killing His Girl Friend Helen Joy of 54.


A bully and brutal killer claimed that his girlfriend died from her horrific injuries after suffering hallucinations. He was found guilty of her murder.

Kevin Ashton, 45, reportedly tormented Helen Joy, 54. He allegedly beat her brutally for years and then set up the crime scene in their flat in January.

Helen’s body was found with 121 injuries, including a broken nose and 14 broken ribs. There was also a brain bleed. Metro reports.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that he murdered her in Leasowe near Liverpool on Friday 29/Saturday 30. He then stayed in the apartment until he left to purchase cannabis on Sunday.

Helen's body was tragically found with 121 injuries, including a broken nose, 14 broken ribs and a bleed to the brain
Helen’s body was tragically discovered with 121 injuries. This included a broken nose, 14 broken bones, and bleeding to the brain.

According to him, he told his dealer: “The Mrs is dead.”

The killer shared the same information with his father the following day. He quickly called the police.

Helen’s body was found on a mattress with Frosty Jack cider, a photograph of her ex-pet dog, and a cuddly pet toy.

Ashton was able to locate all the items.

After Helen’s death, the killer was discovered drinking alcohol from a cup.

A friend of the couple claimed they saw Ashton stab an empty cider bottle in her eye
According to a friend, Ashton was seen inflicting a cider bottle in her eye Ashton.

He groaned as he was taken into custody. “My f***ing bird is dead, and I’m getting the blame for it now.”

According to detectives, the 45-year-old claimed that the photo had been stolen. “meant everything to her.”

But, later on: “It looks dead dodgy now.”

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Ashton stated that Helen had fallen over for two years and suffered the injuries in hallucinations episodes at home.

After just two hours, 23 minutes, on Thursday, October 14, the Jury found Ashton guilty two hours, and 23 seconds later, on Thursday (October 14), the Jury found Ashton guilty.

(Image: Liverpool Echo).

The court heard that he had been convicted of three counts of common assault on Helen in the last six years.

After Ashton claimed that he had been beating his wife for eight years, a friend claimed that Ashton hit her with an empty cider bottle.

According to prosecutors, neighbors claimed that they heard Ashton shouting at each other, but Ashton was the only one heard during the time leading up to Ashton’s death.

A pathologist interpreted the pattern as indicating a “violent, recent and life-threatening blunt force assault, which involved blows to her head and also to her neck.”

Ashton will remain in custody until his sentencing, which is scheduled for November 12.

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